Gujarat model of Development : Struggling Farmers Protest on the Streets

News : Dairy farmers in Gujarat spill hundreds of litres of milk on highway to demand loan waiver

Dairy farmers led by the Kshatriya Thakor Sena spilled hundreds of litres of milk on the SG Highway in Gujarat demanding a loan waiver, agitated by the falling prices of agricultural produce. There were similar protests in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh last month.

The farmers in Gujarat were led by Thakor Sena’s Alpesh Thakor, who had earlier declared that if the loans were not waived, farmers would stop selling milk to dairies and, instead, spill it on the streets.

“At this time we have announced a milk ban in entire Gujarat for two days. After that, we will march from Gandhi Ashram to Gandhinagar. Even after that if government does not change anything, we will organise a big protest where thousands of farmers will join and demand to waive loans. If the government does not accept our demands, then whole of India should know that farmers of Gujarat have the capability to change those in power,” said Thakor, who had earlier said that 40 lakh farmers out of a total of 63 lakh in Gujarat were under debt. He threatened to go on a hunger strike unless the government announced a farm loan waiver.

Thakor and 10 other party workers were detained, according to Gujarat Headline.

Views :

How much-ever the ‘bhakths’ try to still boast and uphold the image of ‘Developed Gujarat’ and Modi, the reality is glaring and striking !

The protests, lynchings, unemployment, GST and destructions continue everyday and it seems more like a war waged against the common majority!

Ruling party, as usual, is not bothered about farmers plight across the country! Why is this Govt so insensitive and indifferent towards the people who feed them? It is no accident! This is corporatisation and establishing monopoly in just ‘everything’, depriving the basic life needs to the masses.

Its time we shed off all wrong notions about getting on to the streets, raise our hands and voice, much louder than ever.

– Priya

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