BJP Haryana Chief’s Son Stalks Daughter of IAS Officer

‘Someone Has to Stand Up to Goons From Influential Families. We Are Standing. So Long as We Can.’

From the article

Vikas Barala (left), one of the two men arrested by the Chandigarh police for stalking and attempting to abduct her; He is the son of BJP Haryana chief Subhash Barala (extreme right) seen here in a file photo of a political rally with BJP president Amit Shah

“If this is what women deal with in one of the safer cities in the country, where are we going?

I find it shocking, that in a place with cameras at every light and cops every 200 metres, these boys thought they could either get into my car, or take me into theirs, just because they’re from an influential background.

I’m lucky, it seems, to not be the daughter of a common man, because what chance would they have against such VIPs?

I’m also lucky, because I’m not lying raped and murdered in a ditch somewhere.

If this can happen in [Chandigarh], it can happen anywhere.

LADIES! Please be proactive about your own safety;


DON’T BE AFRAID to call the cops, The minute it starts!
Call your parents, if possible, and let them know where you are and the situation you’re in.
Try and run away, in the safest way possible.

YOUR LIFE IS PARAMOUNT! If he walks towards you, use whatever you can as a weapon.

I was never a big fan of weapons, till last night.
Whether it’s a gun or mace or taser or a golf club or a knife,
it’s going to make you feel safer and more confident.


Courtesy : The Wire

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