News and Views : Private Education Mafia Humiliates Little Girls

News : Bihar: Schoolgirls stripped off their uniforms after father fails to pay fees on time, two arrested

The matter came to light after the schoolgirls’ father Chunchun Sah filed an FIR with the police, after which the administrators of BR Education Academy (in Begusarai district of Bihar) were arrested. In his complaint, Sah said he had gone to pick up his daughters, who are six and eight years old, from the school on Friday (June 16, 2017) when he was asked to meet their teacher Anjana Kumari. Kumari had demanded that he pay for their uniform, which was provided by the school. He was also asked to meet the principal NK Jha, who had allegedly been asking him to pay the school fees for the past two months.

Sah had told the school administrators that he can pay the money on Saturday. “But the teacher took my daughters inside, stripped their uniform and handed them back to their father only in their underclothes,” their mother told

State Education Minister Ashok Choudhary has ordered an inquiry into the “insensitive” incident.

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The more the Govt is insensitive and irresponsible towards providing free education to its citizens, more private institutions crop up. With their money and muscle power, they neglect and override the Govt standards and regulations set for their functioning. And subsequently the Govt too doesn’t have a system for periodical inspection. Moreover, the Govt and the establishment itself has already falsified and betrayed the hopes of the vast majority. It has failed to the extent of not being able to adhere to the laid down rules.

Unless people rise up against such injustice, question them and stop them by force, we are going to end up into stripping the whole country more and more…

Here, in this particular case , the school is gonna bail itself out of the case by bribing the police and the judiciary and the case would be settled under the table.

In that case , this wont end here. Are we in for it ?

– Priya

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