NiMo’s 11.3K Cr Loot – want another “Surgical Strike” from NaMo

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Letter from a concerned Citizen

To : Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

Dear Sir,

On November 8, 2016 while you were announcing Demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, Neerav Modi was busy looting Punjab National Bank and other Indian banks to the tune of thousands of crores – Rs 6,498 crore to be exact.

Further, in 63 days from March 2 – May 2, 2017, NiMo group got away with a further Rs 3,032 crore. That was the time many (NRIs, Nepal nationals) holding Indian currency were knocking on RBI and court doors to get them exchanged.

But, you and your government were adamant. You insisted that this “Surgical Strike” at the root of corruption, ill gotten wealth, terror funding and black money should be ruthlessly implemented.

But as Nirav Modi showed clearly, while you were busy plugging holes thorough which mosquitoes were escaping with drops of blood, there were huge windows through with vampires were taking out litres of blood. The blood and toil of our people.

I will give you the benefit of doubt and assume that you were ignorant about this mode of bleeding our country. Hence (sorry to say) you prove to be an incompetent administrator. We will forgive you that.

But now, we all know what the likes of Nirav Modi – Belgium born, US educated (college drop out), Davos travelling, five star partying, upper class businessmen – are upto. We know what kind of instruments they use to suck our country dry.

Who knows how many terrorist organisation use this route to fund their activities in India which lead to death of our solider at the border. Better deal with this immediately.

I request you to order another “surgical strike” immediately and cancel all standing Letter of Credits and Letter of Undertakings issued by all Indian banks on behalf of Indian capitalists. This can be done much more efficiently and digitally, after closing a window is easier than plugging holes in the wall.

Ask these Nirav Modi’s to come and stand in queue in front of banks to submit fresh documents and prove that they are legitimate business credits, as crores our country men did from November to December 2016.

Explain to your businessmen friends- Adanis, Ambanis and other Gujarati traders that this is a small price to pay for a corruption free India. What is their suffering while soldiers are sacrificing their lives at the border.

Will you do it?

A concerned, worried Indian citizen

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