Nov 7 – Commemorating Socialist Revolution and Achievements of USSR

On behalf of NDLF IT Employees Wing, we celebrate the Socialist revolution in Russia in which the working class took over the state power. On November 7, 1917 working class in alliance with farmers overthrew the capitalistic state and established a working class state.

Soviet Union made enormous progress in economic, political and cultural spheres in its 82 years of existence. Even though serious mistakes were made which ultimately led to its collapse, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) made major achievements.

Some of them are

  1. Universal literacy
  2. Emancipation of women
  3. Elimination of all form of religious oppression (for eg in central Asian republics women were freed from the oppressive Burqa system and provided modern education. Religion is confined to
    private sphere).
  4. Achievement of universal healthcare
  5. Tremendous progress in science and technology (for eg in space exploration, medical field etc)
  6. Regulation of working hours, job security, work place safety for workers. Factories managed by workers Soviets.
  7. Modernization of agriculture with latest technology under the control of farmers themselves.
  8. Real democracy to the majority working people.
  9. Equal opportunity to all nationalities to develop their language and progressive culture.

Not only within Russia, Soviet revolution strengthened working class movements all over the world. In India, after 1917, workers struggles intensified and Trade Union Act was passed in 1926. The ruling classes were forced to take many legal measures to protect workers rights and ensure livelihood of farmers. We enjoy the fruits of these measures even today, even though they are continuously attacked and eroded under the neo-liberal globalization.

To commemorate the anniversary of November revolution which led to the creation of USSR, we will publish a series of articles, memes and small posts in our website and facebook page this week.

We welcome your views, questions and write ups about socialism on this occasion. You can share them share them in the comments section or send email to

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