“Mobilising Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) Employees in Large Numbers” – Demonstration

“NDLF is definitely doing good in organizing various events. But definitely there is no unity among IT employees. 99% of the people who has participated in the protest are from non IT background.”

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“No Layoffs, only Underperformers” NASSCOM, “Govt Should Intervene” NDLF : Debate

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Government gives subsidies to corporates to generate employment. Now when employment is threatened should intervene and call for tripartite talks with employees union, company, labour department.

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Senior Wipro Employee about the contribution of IT Employees

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IT is the only sector where even if we send one of the employee to client location, company will get money. So punishing employees in the name of “asking to leave” is eating the flesh.

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Live : NDLF Demonstration Against Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) Layoffs!

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Demonstration Condemning layoffs/forced resignations by IT companies and calling on IT employees to organize Venue: near Sholingallur signal, Chennai Date: May 18th Thursday Time: Evening 5 pm to 7 pm

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Wipro, Cognizant Layoffs – Next Steps in 7 Q&A

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JCL in Chennai asked the employees who disagree with low rating given to them, who were not allocated to a project, whose were prevented from getting allocated to a project, who were being asked by HR to resign to file a Collective Dispute under Section 2K of ID Act.

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Press Release : NDLF to File Grievance Petition with Labour Department on Layoff Issue

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The state has provided concessions in the form of subsidized land, electricity and tax holiday to IT companies claiming they bring in employment opportunities. Hence, we demanded that the government should immediately intervene in this matter.

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Statement : NDLF demands immediate government intervention in IT Layoffs Issue

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We demand that the government should not remain a mute spectator to this mass layoffs by IT companies, but should take strong action to put a stop this practice immediately.

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Combat Pink Slips with Red Flag – NDLF Posters Protesting Layoffs

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Corporate Attacks and State Violence – NDLF Discussion Meeting

Discussion Meeting NDLF – IT Employees Wing Date : 20th May 2017, Saturday Time : 4 pm to 7 pm Place : Thiruvanmiyur

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Are Women Easy Targets in Illegal IT Layoffs?

Even though male employees also face similar or worse treatments, women do face additional discrimination for various reasons. We need to get together urgently and put a stop to these kind of indecent, cruel and unprofessional treatment of employees by IT companies.

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Join NDLF in Representation to Labour Secretary

NDLF IT Employees Wing will make a representation to Commissioner of Labour (DMS) at 11 am and Secretary, Labour Department, Government of Tamil Nadu (Secretariat) at 12 noon on May 16, 2017 Tuesday.

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IT Friends – Take up Cudgels against Forced Resignations!

Stop forced resignations immediately! Take back all employees who were forced to resign! Abolish the unscientific appraisal rating system!

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Put an End to NASSCOM ‘Black List’

We will demand the companies to be transparent about the information they maintain about the employees and share the same with the concerned employee. These kind of unfair labour practices should be firmly opposed and stopped.

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Give a hand to NDLF IT Employees Wing’s fight against Illegal Retrenchments

These articles and other posts associated with the current illegal retrenchments have clocked more than 3.5 lakh views from more than 2 lakh visitors sofar. We also received emails, phone calls, form submissions and messages from hundreds of employees from Wipro, Cognizant, CapeGemini, Tech Mahindra, IBM and other companies.

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Research by Mint Bangalore Reveals 56,000 Job Losses in 7 Companies

All seven companies are still in denial mode and attribute the planned exits to a “marginal” increase in the number of poor performers on account of a “more rigorous” performance evaluation process.

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