What We Did in 2018, Where We Are Headed in 2019!

we had a tough but interesting year of 2018. We know that this is just a start but definitely we foresee this is a good start. We are sure our union will grow faster in this year 2019 and definitely corporates by their action will make more and more IT employees to realise the need for unionization.

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AI – Bonanza for Corporates, Job Loss for Employees (including HR)

So, friends let’s unite and join the union through which we can take up any issue and question the employer. Through this we can stop the companies using AI processor to lay-off employees.

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Wipro Challenged on Forced Leaves

Wipro employees from Pune has filed a complaint with the assistant labour commissioner in Pune about this company’s illegal practice. The assistant labour commissioner has asserted that this is illegal and sought an explanation from Wipro.

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NDLF IT Employees Wing – Newsletter Dec 2018

Download PDF Legal Battles – Right to Ask 2K – 14 Employees from Wipro received GO from Cheif Secretary and case is filed at court 2A – Mphasis (1), HCL (1), TCS (1) and Wipro (3) cases filed in Labour court 2A – Wipro (3), Tech Mahindra (1) disputes pending at Labour Department Discussed Topics …

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Awareness Survey – Hidden Camera in Women’s Hostel

Hidden camera found in Chennai women’s hostel, police arrest owner of property

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RTI, Gaja Relief : NDLF IT Employees Meeting


  1. Union Activities (All issues related to union will be discussed)
  2. RTI discussion Kasi Mayan
  3. Cyclone Gaja – responsibility of government and NDRF?

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IT Companies Rob Employees of Retirement benefits

Considering the seriousness all parties including company, government and union should come together to restructure the salary component in IT sector.

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Are Employees Deadwood? – “Apologize Mr. Raj Mehta!”

This statement of Mr. Raj Mehta is spread in media with the ill intention of making majority of employees to fear that hire and fire is legal.

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BPO, Call Center, KPO – Join Union to Fight for Rights

Join hands with hundreds of IT employees and let your voice be heard!
Join NDLF IT Employees Wing. Let us bring democracy into our work life.

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Socialism Makes the Real Workers Supreme

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

The spectre dreaded by the capitalists, a monster with billion legs, communism will surely rise. It will settle accounts with all their injustices.

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Heartless Wipro of ‘Padma Vibhushan’ Premji Ruins Employee Lives

If we continue to fold our hands and be happy to have our jobs even as our seniors and colleagues are axed, the companies will produce many more Davids and Sathyarajs.

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Union Meeting – Discussion on Barbaric “Honour” Killings

  1. Union activities – October and November updates.
  2. Termination/Illegal retrenchment in IT industry – What’s our next steps as an Union.
  3. Barbaric ‘Honour’ Killings – What’s the solution.

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Equality to Women, Child Care & Education to All

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

Soviet Russia was the only country which gave equal rights in spirit and letter to women who are oppressed from ages by male dominance. Women are employed in every field both mental & physical just like men and paid equal salaries.

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This Is Democracy

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

The capitalists have spread so many lies about the Soviet regime. For them it is dictatorship over people and people won’t have any rights. Let us see how blatant these lies are.

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Reply to INautix Chennai Confessions Group Admins

We again reiterate that we wish that this page is operated by employees who come forward to help employees in difficult times. In that case, the admins would have questioned the above posts supporting layoffs and actively promoted posts by NDLF and FITE.

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