Press Release: “Cognizant, Stop illegal and unethical retrenchment against Employees”

All credits goes to the employees who worked overtime to ensure the continuity of business amid uncertain situations. But when all is well, the management of various IT companies have started to lay off their employees

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Unethical Labour Practice by Wipro

Azim Premji Bats for Worker Rights

While Azimji was busy with giving press release on the values of Labour laws and how he is shocked to know that various state governments are relaxing the labour laws against the welfare of workers, Wipro management was wallowing in the mire by forcing its employees to go on leave without pay.

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STOP the WAR on WORKERS – NDLF and fellow unions statement

For the BJP and its governments, the pandemic and its fallout is just the time to take it all out on the working class, to deny working people the slightest shred of democratic or economic rights. And this is so because, for the BJP, the only driver of growth and expansion in the economy can be capital

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Our version of Coronavirus – Arundhati Roy on Delhi violence

A democracy that is not governed by a Constitution and one whose institutions have all been hollowed out can only ever become a majoritarian state. You can agree or disagree with a Constitution as a whole or in part – but to act as though it does not exist as this government is doing is to completely dismantle democracy. Perhaps this is the aim. This is our version of the coronavirus. We are sick.

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TCS Employee Sexual Harassment case – Press Statement – 03 Feb 2020

Sexual harassment appeal case by TCS chennai employee – expecting the judgement soon

Joint press statement from all IT Employees’ Unions in Tamil Nadu

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Budget 2020 – Will it save IT Employees jobs?

IT employees are one of the large section employees who pay high taxes to the government. They also
bring a lot of foreign exchange for our country, by their hard work. So the government should consider
their pain and come forward to support them.

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IT Companies denies human rights – Layoff Killings

On the one hand, Companies do not comply with existing laws in order to fire their employees. At the same time, the selected employees are kept in a separate room and are forced to resign in a rowdy style

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NDLF Condemns Illegal Termination of FITE General Secretary Elavarasan Raja by CTS

Cognizant Technologies yesterday terminated Elavarasan Raja who is the General Secretary of Forum of IT Employees illegally from his services. Cognizant as per the latest press release plan to terminate 7000 employees and as per internal news the numbers may go up.

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Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On? is a union ballad of the mine workers of United States of America which echoed throughout the country during the Great Economic Depression.

We are now in a situation similar to that of Great Economic Depression and this song is a need of the hour.

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OMR Traffic Congestion an everyday menace

Traffic jams from  ELCOT SEZ in Sholinganallur becomes pathetic and many IT companies approached ELCOT officials to open rear side gate for movement of vehicles.  ELCOT officials agree to the corporate request for the benefit of employees and agree to open rear side for movement of vehicles only for exit. This gate is opened from  23rd Sep and now people travelling to OMR from  ELCOT can take this route. This will reduce traffic by nearly

40%  and congestion will be reduced drastically. This is welcome move from  ELCOT officials and NDLF thank corporates for helping in the implementation of this move.

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Update from this month’s Union Member Meeting

NDLF IT union wing’s monthly members meeting was held on 8-9-2019. It was heartening to  see many new members  participating in the meeting. It is worth to mention that we are  getting a stream of new membership recently as a result of the huge number of followers  in fb and due to our members articles that we regularly post in our website.

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Hindu terrorism becoming mainstream ideology!

“Dominant caste psyche without even a speck of guilt consciousness against caste oppression” forms an important foundation to the mentality of taking the atrocities against minorities as normal. However, the main background for the creation of this new situation is because the Brahminical Hindu religion has never been challenged ideologically in these states.

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Are we living in a patriarchal world?

Who is protected by Corporate organization?  Who needs to be really protected in real world?

Sexual offender or Victim.

Does union and social activists has to teach moral etiquette to be followed in a place with profit margin pressure and client satisfaction to build more surplus, attractive project margins etc?

There may be arguments from world of men and false feminism that women is wrong?

Working women have given way to alpha male. Is it true or a hyped statement?

What sort of an organization TCS is?

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Commemorating Comrade Saravana Guru

Commemorating Comrade Saravana Guru


On behalf of NDLF IT employees wing we are organizing a commemoration event this Saturday (06/07/2019) to recall our moments with our Comrade Saravana Guru.

We request all Union Members, Friends and fellow IT employees to join us.

Date : 06/07/2019 (Saturday)

Time : Afternoon – 2.00 – 5.00 P.M.

Venue : Panuval Hall, Thiruvanmiyur, (near Bus depot) Chennai.

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Our Saravanaguru is no more, but his memories lives on

In addition to Quora, he has taken various videos to promote this awareness among IT employees. He is also worked on conducting live question and answer sessions in the FB page to increase this awareness. He played a very vital role in spreading awareness among IT employees.

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