“life upside down in a matter of a week” – a Wiproite’s Trauma

They pay more when hiring if they need a person for a project as they don’t want to lose the business. The same reason would be given when they layoff anybody saying salary is more and it is called “financial drive”.

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Cognizant (CTS) Coimbatore Employees Show The Way

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Employees getting together in groups and discussing is an important first step. Then arrange physical meetings for more closer group, form a union for legal standing within the company.

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Asked to Resign by HR? : Senior Wipro Employee on How to Handle It!

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If company terminates on worst scenario, we can go strong against the company in labour department and in courts. Labour laws are favorable for employees in most cases. These steps are time consuming but chances of win is almost 99%.

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IT Layoffs : Ravishankar Prasad View – Memes!

“Some performance related trimming is an integral part of any industry and should not be exaggerated” – IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

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IT Life : Path of Roses or Bed of Thorns? – An Employee View

Initially it has been thought that respect will be given to people who work hard and stay late hours. Then, there were mails which say to work smart and leave early and it has been communicated that smart people finish work early with perfection. In First appraisal cycle, the myth has been broken and shattered.

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“Cognizant layoff plea closed in favour of sacked staff”: Telangana Govt

“We have advised the employees not to tender resignation because once they did that they would lose their right to petition us or move labour courts. A sacked employee has all the right to contest his termination”

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Wipro Layoffs – ”Expected progression, told to resign as part of band inertia”

I was shocked at their decision and requested for a detailed justification for the decision taken against me. HR directed to discuss with Business Managers and conclude. Waiting to discuss with L2 Manager. L1 currently on week long vacation leaving all responsibilities on the shoulders of this so tagged non performer.

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IBM Contract Employees : “But bro our life just f***d off”

“Its just bullshit IBM layoff contractor. We have spent our 4 years in IBM supporting IBM. And our team is more revenue generating team within account”

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Infosys : Truth behind “No Layoffs” Policy – Employee Inputs

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We suggest that the pronouncements by IT companies, NASSCOM and their body servant central government should be classified under “Corporate Speak” – giving general, moral statements disregarding all factual information and practical events.

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Wipro : Future Employee Policies – from a Well Wisher

“If any employee refused to divorce their spouse, divorce letter will be automated and send directly through new Bots developed as part of our organization’s initiative”

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Cognizant (CTS) To Reply by May end to NDLF Representation

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NDLF gave a representation seeking intervention –into the ongoing forced resignations of IT employees, mass layoffs in IT companies like Cognizant, Wipro to the labour commissioner on May 16, 2017.

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“Mobilising Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) Employees in Large Numbers” – Demonstration

“NDLF is definitely doing good in organizing various events. But definitely there is no unity among IT employees. 99% of the people who has participated in the protest are from non IT background.”

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“No Layoffs, only Underperformers” NASSCOM, “Govt Should Intervene” NDLF : Debate

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Government gives subsidies to corporates to generate employment. Now when employment is threatened should intervene and call for tripartite talks with employees union, company, labour department.

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Senior Wipro Employee about the contribution of IT Employees

IT is the only sector where even if we send one of the employee to client location, company will get money. So punishing employees in the name of “asking to leave” is eating the flesh.

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Live : NDLF Demonstration Against Wipro, Cognizant (CTS) Layoffs!

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Demonstration Condemning layoffs/forced resignations by IT companies and calling on IT employees to organize Venue: near Sholingallur signal, Chennai Date: May 18th Thursday Time: Evening 5 pm to 7 pm

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