10 days that shook the world – The Mighty Russian Revolution

Now the fruits of labour belongs to the working class collectively. Decisions are made with the interests of society in mind. The working class is not condemned to live in servitude to capitalist class.

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Rains – IT Companies, Clients intent on Business as Usual, Employees Suffer

“Customer will not bother about safety of associates as it is responsibility of local company. They will not put pressure directly to work on this condition. But they will threaten asking backup, continuation, mitigation and penalty.”

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How Capitalism Wastes Increased Productivity of Automation

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Automation and Jobs

the extraordinary productiveness of modern industry, allows of the unproductive employment of a larger and larger part of the working-class under the name of a servant class, including men-servants, women-servants, lackeys, &c.

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Blockchain, Union activities, Usury Interest : NDLF IT Union Meeting

October month meeting will be held on October 28, 2017 Saturday. Venue : Perumbakkam. Time : 4 pm to 8 pm

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NDLF Poster Campaign Against Forced Resignations

CTS/Wipro/IT Companies!

Stop Forced Resignations!
Reinstate Employees Forced to Resign!

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US Lawsuit Against TCS Discrimination

The reason for favoring Indian employees is known to every one associated with IT industry. The company need not provide as much salary compared to American employees; Indian worker can be made to work long hours.

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“Capital” to Revolutionize a World Riven by Capitalism

Read what Marx says. Pay no attention to those that tell you Capital is hard: they are merely saying ‘read my book first’. You have limited time: spend it on reading Capital. Remember, Capital was serialised in a workers’ paper. You are today’s workers and Capital is your invitation card to history.

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Automation – Needed A Holistic View

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Some sectors, especially related to natural economy like farming, will lose their former character and thousands, even millions will lose their livelihood.

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Automation, More Jobs, Less Work – Possible?

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If the total quantity of the article produced by machinery, be equal to the total quantity of the article previously produced by a handicraft or by manufacture, and now made by machinery, then the total labour expended is diminished.

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Automation on its Own and Under Capitalism

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The contradictions and antagonisms inseparable from the capitalist employment of machinery, do not exist, they say, since they do not arise out of machinery, as such, but out of its capitalist employment!

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Racism? Known for 2500 years in India, called casteism

Some kids disrespect strangers and older people in the presence of their parents. The saddest part is when they are taught to feel that they naturally superior to some categories of people – Northeastern Indians, dark-skinned Indians, lower caste Indians and us.

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Capitalistic Automation Snatches Food from Workers and it Spreads

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machinery throws workmen on the streets, not only in that branch of production in which it is introduced, but also in those branches in which it is not introduced

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Automation by Capitalists Destroys Livelihoods

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Automation and technical improvements are natural in the development of productive forces. But in the hands of capitalists, automation becomes a tool to make more profits for themselves and destroy livelihoods of the workers employed in the particular industry.

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Corruption Allegations : Anony Letter from StanChart GBS Employees

the issues mentioned in this letter, casteism, favouritism, denial of employee rights etc, are typical of many corporate work places in India, should be highlighted.

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A Shirt : An Illustration of the Invisible Human Bonds

without the assistance and co-operation of many thousands, the very meanest person in a civilized country could not be provided, even according to, what we very falsely imagine, the easy and simple manner in which he is commonly accommodated.

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