Wipro Bengaluru Verdict – A Judgement with deep running consequences

The standing orders given by the government does not provide power to terminate employees under the reasons that the employee is a supervisor or citing performance issues through appraisal. In Karnataka, the IT Sector got an exemption from this standing order. This exemption was obtained in the year 2014 and was valid till 2019 and recently the Karnataka Government has extended this exemption for another five years till 2024.  This is the main difference we see between two different verdicts on this issue.

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Getting rid of the Union headache

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series New labour codes and the 44 labour laws

Imagine a situation where this proposal is finalized and in such scenario, it requires 20000 employees to form a union.  This proposal will bury all possibilities of forming union in IT sector. This is not only applicable for IT sector but for all other giant corporates. The intention of this change, which is very clear, is to stop registering labour unions in any of the new companies.


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New Labour Codes – Government colludes with Corporates

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series New labour codes and the 44 labour laws

The central government is converting labour laws into codes. Violation of a code will not be punishable as in the case of law. If violation does not attract punishment, imagine how corporates will behave. With their corporate power, they are violating law itself. If we talk about code, they will bury the rights of employees once for all

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Layoff Practice : Corporates have evolved. So should we.

There is a famous comedy in a Tamil Movie, by actor Vivek, involving a scoundrel named Minor Kunju who raped a girl in a village. Despite the affected girl’s complaint in the village panchayat, the panchayat would let the accused off and order the scoundrel to pay certain amount of money to village temple as …

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Not only Teachers/Govt Employees, IT Employees Also Suffer

Thus Mr. Raj Mehta has presided over the illegal retrenchment of 100s of Cognizant employees in the past 6 months.

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Notice Period | Natpukkaga | Black Sheep – Can Friendship Alone Safeguard our Rights

Join NDLF or any Union or start a new union to safeguard against Illegal Layoffs and Corporate politics. Employees in manufacturing companies, Banks and Insurance companies are doing this.

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Silence of Indian CEO ‘Tigers’ on Corruption, Layoffs

Soon Top management hefty salaries and their roles wont be needed anymore since value addition is less. On scams, whose silence is dangerous ? Silence of the Lambs Or Silence of CEO Tigers?

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Letter against Pay Deduction and Bad Working Condition in BPO

We request you to reimburse the unfairly deducted salary and refrain from such practice in future. We also requests you to provide a hygienic work conditions and adequate toilet facilities. Please also provide PF, ESI benefits to the employees.

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Women’s struggle- Kitchens to Workplace (IT companies)

if female proved that she is best team player means next we hear gossip from other male employees. Stating she is woman, she impressed manager that’s why she got. This is reward we will get.

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PF and Pension Money Scammed Away!

Provident and pension funds of thousands of middle-class salaried people face the spectre of losing thousands of crores of their nest egg

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TCS Joins Verizon, Infosys Party to Exploit Employees

It is very clear that both Indian software giant are fighting hard for their pie in this great deal. But our worry is employee should not be affected by the decision of big corporates. It is very important for all the 3 managements to clarify various doubts employee have.

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What We Did in 2018, Where We Are Headed in 2019!

we had a tough but interesting year of 2018. We know that this is just a start but definitely we foresee this is a good start. We are sure our union will grow faster in this year 2019 and definitely corporates by their action will make more and more IT employees to realise the need for unionization.

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AI – Bonanza for Corporates, Job Loss for Employees (including HR)

So, friends let’s unite and join the union through which we can take up any issue and question the employer. Through this we can stop the companies using AI processor to lay-off employees.

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Wipro Challenged on Forced Leaves

Wipro employees from Pune has filed a complaint with the assistant labour commissioner in Pune about this company’s illegal practice. The assistant labour commissioner has asserted that this is illegal and sought an explanation from Wipro.

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NDLF IT Employees Wing – Newsletter Dec 2018

Download PDF Legal Battles – Right to Ask 2K – 14 Employees from Wipro received GO from Cheif Secretary and case is filed at court 2A – Mphasis (1), HCL (1), TCS (1) and Wipro (3) cases filed in Labour court 2A – Wipro (3), Tech Mahindra (1) disputes pending at Labour Department Discussed Topics …

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