NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting January 2018 – Newsletter

Agreed to publish the Union concern on “Absence of CCTV camera in TIDEL and TRIL roads” to newspaper requesting for immediate attention. Decided to prepare a awareness video on Wipro response on Layoff at Labour commission on 2K and employee response.

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Abolish Contract System! Bury Capitalism! – Notice

Conference 28.01.2018 9.30 am Madras Kerala Samajam, Opp Nehru Park, Periyar E.V.R High Road, Chennai. Public Meeting 28.01.2018 6 pm Near Avadi Municipal Office

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IT Life – “We expect more than 100% from you” : Video

Morning, day, night shifts, no week ends, 6 pm lunches, dozens of cups of coffee, a rare rare week end off interrupted by angry call from team lead.


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Join IT Union’s First Meeting in 2018

Our monthly union meeting for Jan 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, 3 PM, January 20, 2018, at Perumbakkam. We request all the members & friends to participate.

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Science and Capitalism : The Radium Girls

Doctors found that when exposed to Radium cancerous tumours shrink. This led to proliferation of many products associated with Radium by commercial interests seeking to make a quick profit. Radium Soda, Radium Tooth Paste, Cakes, Lipstick and even Radium Water flooded the market.

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NDLF member ensures safety of women employees

As it’s well known that women walking in the isolated areas are vulnerable to various risks and hence we would like to insist that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure safety to them.


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Simple Socialist Truths : Paul Lafargue

if it is workers who have built the workshop, made the machines, and produced the raw materials; if it is workers who keep the machines going, and managers and foremen who direct the work,¾ what does the master do, then?

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It’s not Cartels Mr Narayana Murthy, it’s the Business Model, stupid!

Infosys founder Narayanamurthy and ex HR honcho Mohandas Pai had alleged that Indian IT companies formed a cartel among themselves to deny salary increase for entry level positions which stagnated at the same level for over 7 years, while the compensation to senior employees grew multifold.  But is it really due to cartel?

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IT Layoffs – A word to HR

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series IT Life

HR officer should put themselves in affected employee’s shoes and look into the problem. For HR officers, employee resignation is just a target to meet whereas for employee it is their livelihood.

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Verizon Terrorism : Are Employees Bonded Labour?

Corporate Terror Continues! It was TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, IBM yesterday! Today Verizon – 900 IT Workers Sacrificed! Who is Tomorrow? What do we do?

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Trump’s War on H1B Visas : Effect on Indian Employees

An IT employee who has spent 5 years onsite can handle layoffs with the backing of savings made. Reduction of onsite positions will deny this avenue to increase overall savings for the current generation software Engineers.

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Doctors get only 10-20% of Private Hospital Bills – TOI Report

“when hospital managements charge 200%-1,700% margin on medicines, consumables and diagnostics, the frustration of the patient with rising cost is taken out on the doctors even though they get just a fraction of the bill”

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India’s IT bloodbath in 2017 : Employees Time to Act

Company managements take care of their own interests and the interests of share holders. Who will worry about employees’ lives other than employees themselves.

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US is behind Modi’s Demonetization : Global Research

The effects of demonetisation still being felt by the citizens although the ruling class likes to move on to their next projects. It shows their arrogance towards the people and servitude towards their imperialist masters.

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Who won in Gujarat?

“ Gujaratis do not love BJP, but fear. If they are defeated, BJPians themselves will cause religious riots. That’s why merchants and middle class have voted BJP”. They love it and also fear it. This is the whole truth.

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