Heartless Wipro of ‘Padma Vibhushan’ Premji Ruins Employee Lives

If we continue to fold our hands and be happy to have our jobs even as our seniors and colleagues are axed, the companies will produce many more Davids and Sathyarajs.

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Union Meeting – Discussion on Barbaric “Honour” Killings

  1. Union activities – October and November updates.
  2. Termination/Illegal retrenchment in IT industry – What’s our next steps as an Union.
  3. Barbaric ‘Honour’ Killings – What’s the solution.

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Equality to Women, Child Care & Education to All

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

Soviet Russia was the only country which gave equal rights in spirit and letter to women who are oppressed from ages by male dominance. Women are employed in every field both mental & physical just like men and paid equal salaries.

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This Is Democracy

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

The capitalists have spread so many lies about the Soviet regime. For them it is dictatorship over people and people won’t have any rights. Let us see how blatant these lies are.

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Reply to INautix Chennai Confessions Group Admins

We again reiterate that we wish that this page is operated by employees who come forward to help employees in difficult times. In that case, the admins would have questioned the above posts supporting layoffs and actively promoted posts by NDLF and FITE.

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Economic Growth : for Farmers, Workers and Technology

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

How many farmers in our country can afford to go near an aeroplane? How many would have traveled inone? In Soviet Union each collective farm had a few dozen aircrafts for their use. They were given small aircrafts to transport produce from their farms to other parts of the country.

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Law says Termination Letters by Cognizant, Wipro, Tech Mahnidra Clearly Illegal

The final conclusion is that an employee cannot be terminated based on appraisal ratings. No IT company has certified standing orders and hence the model standing order applies. As per model standing order termination on these grounds is not permitted.

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Cognizant Deadwood Policy : Employee of 21 years Terminated

I don’t want to even talk about resignation as it disturbs me. I don’t understand how you say that resigning is good for both Cognizant and me. You can only explain me. I don’t find it good for me to resign.

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INautix Chennai Confessions – Stand By Affected Employees!

These forums or facebook pages are used to promote negativity among employees. They promote wrong perceptions like the above statements and make employees believe that hire and fire is legal and so on.

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1917 : Bulwark of European Reaction Destroyed

This entry is part of 5 in the series Achievement of Socialist Soviet Union

The purpose of this post is to uncover the lies and slander propagated by capitalists. We should spread the actual facts on the soviet method of governance, the democratic rights won over by the people, the standard of their living, etc.

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Commemorating the Triumph of Working Classes Over Exploiters

Communism – The Future of Human Civilization
Socialism – The Only Answer to the crises facing the world

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Health Care Socialist Style : An American’s Experience in Moscow

that which has been is carried forward, moved from one level to another in an ongoing evolutionary process. So it is with the Soviet Union; it is not dead, it lives, and still serves the interests of modern Russians.

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Inautix : Layoffs V3.0 with Police and Ambulance

We can help employees only when they come forward for help. But unfortunately IT sector trained people in such a way that they don’t show even single objection even if the management does whatever they want to do without regard to fairness or even legal compliance.

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Verizon : Government Adds Tax Insult to Forced Retrenchment Injury

These IT people are the one who paid their tax regularly for several years and form a considerable part of tax paying community. If government is not helping employees like western countries it is fine as we are developing country and understand the difficulty in implementation. But having additional taxation is definitely not correct procedure.

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Nov 7 – Commemorating Socialist Revolution and Achievements of USSR

To commemorate the anniversary of November revolution which led to the creation of USSR, we will publish a series of articles, memes and small posts in our website and facebook page this week.

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