Who profits from CTS layoffs and Farmers Distress?

They want us to work more hours, they want to take away the jobs of some of us, they want us to pay interest, they want us to spend more and more on education and health care.

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NDLF IT Employees Wing member dies in road accident

One of the earliest members of NDLF IT Employees Wing Mr. R Saravanan passed away in a tragic road accident last week. Our heart felt condolences to Saravanan’s family, friends and relatives.

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Updates on unfair, illegal and deceptive layoffs by Cognizant (CTS)

This entry is part 7 of 19 in the series Struggle Against Layoffs

CTS appraisal system and forced resignations violate Indian labour laws and we call upon employees to resist these attempts by the company. Please contact NDLF – IT Employees Wing and consult our lawyers before you decide on the company’s demands.

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Modi’s post demonetization India – R K Nagar to Srinagar

This entry is part 16 of 17 in the series Demonetization

Someone were saying Demonetisation has stopped stone pelting, no body had black money after purification called ‘Note Ban’ then who are funding them?

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Provide home drop for female employees working after 7 pm

Considering this if a woman reaches her destination after 10 PM, safety of the journey from the bus stop to home is uncertain, and it is a well-known situation.

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Must watch : 12th student on hindutva lynchings!

I ask the secular people of this country to stand up and speak against this communal violence. To stand up and speak against this government. Because if you do not speak today these incidents will increase, increase and tomorrow it might happen with you.

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CTS murderous attacks begin!

Branding some employees as “underperformer” without any basis, getting resignation letter under false pretensions and open threats, both are illegal acts by CTS. Forced resignations go beyond a simple labour dispute and have shades of criminal illegality.

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CTS dishonest in dealing with its employees!

The only way to make CTS and other IT companies to act responsibly towards employees is to organize ourselves as a union and asserting our rights through continuous struggle against these policies.

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Tamil Nadu police warned for denying right to protest – Justice Katju

“I therefore give a warning to the TN police and authorities that unless they stop their blatant violation of Fundamental Rights of Tamilian youth of holding peaceful demonstrations they will be held accountable and given severe punishment under the appropriate law”

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“Celebrating cricket victory is insulting Indian people” – Do you agree?

“Cricket and the other types of opium mentioned above divert the attention of our people from these real issues. They attempt to depict non-issues like winning a cricket match as being of real importance.”

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IT Employees support farmers struggle!

IT Employees in Chennai have planned to hold hour long silent protest meets outside their respective offices on April 3, 2017, the day of general strike called by the Tamil Nadu farmers associations.

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Stand against Cognizant Layoff!

Friends, it is time we unite and raise our voices against the illegal termination of our colleagues! What is for them today, we would face tomorrow! We need to win our rights with our own hands!

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Search on! For the missing “tinpot democracy” of India

Parliamentary democracy has long been a tool for fooling people and serving corporate interests. Now it is made more and more irrelevant by Modi led RSS government.

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Facing the true colour of police – An experience by IT employees

If Tambaram police don’t have authority to give permission to protest, why inspector made IT Employees waste their time?

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Corporate State Persecutes Maruti Workers – NDLF Press Release

The battle cry from Gurgaon in North should reverbrate through Tamilnadu in South. Tamilnadu, which has shaken the BJP government through the Marina protest, should show its fighting spirit again.

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