Aadhaar is a handle on your life to the State and Corporates!

Reliance Jio is in possession of identity information for more than 100 million Indians, harvested from the CIDR when they authenticate themselves to buy a Jio SIM card. This database, combined with the records of Jio applications (phone calls, messaging, entertainment, online purchases, and more) is a potential gold mine — a dream for “big data” analysts.

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Gauri Lankesh Murder : Let the Voice of Rationalism Prevail

We stand united to fight against forced resignations, arbitrary layoffs and for our rights at the workplace. The same spirit of unity impels us to take forward the torch of rationalism, self-respect and social justice carried by Dabholkars, Pansares, Kalburgis and Lankeshwars.

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Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla browser engines – The beginnings

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Since the Netscape release we’ve seen a tremendous explosion of interest in the open-source development model, a trend both driven by and driving the continuing success of the Linux operating system. The trend Mozilla touched off is continuing at an accelerating rate.

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Say “I am Anitha” and Continue the Fight!

Even though she was bright enough to score 1172/1200 in the board examination, she was not bright enough to understand that the system had rigged her for failure from the moment she was born to poor parents.

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Recruiting the Best for a Project

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it is often cheaper and more effective to recruit self-selected volunteers from the Internet than it is to manage buildings full of people who would rather be doing something else.

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Thozhilar Koodam on Wipro Employees Fight Against Layoffs

As the pressure on the employers in the IT industry continue, they are coming up with innovative ways to counter the narrative that the industry is laying off workers for no other reason than to maximise profit.

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Democratic Centralism for Organizing Groups

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in the end the open-source culture will triumph not because cooperation is morally right or software “hoarding” is morally wrong , but simply because the closed-source world cannot win an evolutionary arms race with open-source communities that can put orders of magnitude more skilled time into a problem.

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Corruption in IT Company Mail room – An Email

What will NASSCOM and government do on this issue? (and many other issues of corruption in private sector, including recruitment scams by HR departments?)

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Charming Developers to Make Great Software

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it is not critical that the coordinator be able to originate designs of exceptional brilliance, but it is absolutely critical that the coordinator be able to recognize good design ideas from others.

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Can an IT Employee Fight the Company?

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Now we have the victories won by Ramesh etc, we are very clear that IDA is applicable to IT industry, so employee should take up the fight using the examples of Ramesha etc.

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Capitalist Logic of Denying Health Care to Minority Races

Is it possible to erase the inequalities and deficiencies in health and health care in our capitalist system? Is it possible to create an equitable and excellent health care system in America?

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NEET Kills Anitha – Poster

Central, state governments and Supreme Court responsible! Abolish Privatization in Education! Fight brahminical BJP and its Supporters!

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“What Language?” – For humans or For computers?

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although I’m a convinced partisan of the “make it a language” school of design as exemplified by Emacs and HTML and many database engines, I am not normally a big fan of “English-like” syntaxes.

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Don’t Resign without a Job in Hand

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HR representatives are doing their job of trying to make employee resign by making various threats. So as I told earlier, refuse politely to resign and don’t fall prey to HR threats and submit your resignation.

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How a hospital paid for from PM’s Relief Fund went to Adani

Budget 2017 promises an AIIMS for Gujarat but a rebuilt hospital in earthquake-hit Bhuj, originally intended to become AIIMS-West, ended up as a teaching hospital for an Adani-run medical college

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