Dhoni – Not a Cricketer, a Corrupt Corporate Stooge!

In CSK perspective, match fixing is done for making team to lose. If Dhoni don’t know that 3 of his players and his team management involved in illegal activities, then how can he be the captain?


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Modi’s Triple Achievements : Most Unemployed, Highest External Debt, Most Inequality

India’s external debt has cross half trillion dollar mark in December 2017,  India has become the country of the most unemployed in the world, Richest 1% Cornered 73% of Wealth Generated in India in 2017: Oxfam Survey

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Detroit shows the future of Chennai?

Detroit was once the car manufacturing capital of the world. Now it has gone bankrupt. Corporates run with their investment to a place giving higher profits and desert the place once that attraction is over. What about the future of Chennai which is called Detroit of India as it attracted major car makers? What about …

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Himachal Farmers March!

  • Stop eviction of farmers from their lands and their homes
  • Stop cutting of electricity and water to homes
  • Give 5 bigha land free to landless and poor peasants
  • Protect crops from menace of wild animals
  • Ensure minimum Rs 30 per litre for milk

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Bhagat Singh, A Real Man – Periyar

The moment Gandhi claimed he was guided by God, that varnashrama dharma was superior to the way of the world, and everything happened on account of divine will, we concluded that there was no difference between Gandhism and brahminism and unless the Congress, that is charged with this philosophy, is abolished, no benefit would accrue to this country.

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Appraisal and HR Threats – Don’t be Afraid

This entry is part 7 of 9 in the series IT Life

Termination threat is painful but don’t react immediately/don’t panic and don’t lose your confidence when faced with such prospect. Please recall the start of your career and consider where you have reached now.

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GST, Demonetization, Foreign Money Kill Tirupur Businesspersons

As Debt-Ridden Entrepreneurs End Lives, Traders Cite GST, Demonetization & Rupee Appreciation as Chief Triggers

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NDLF IT Employees Wing Meeting March 2018 – Newsletter

  • Decided to collect the fund from union members to contribute 50% expenses of running 2K and 2A cases
  • Planning to offer the real time internship projects to Final year IT/MBA/Visual communication students
  • Decided to prepare E-Book to guide all the IT employees to handle the unethical layoff, which covers the experiences of running 2K and 2A cases

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Union Meeting March 2018 – Posters

Posters By : Manion

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Karl Marx and his work endure through the ages!

“He died beloved, revered and mourned by millions of revolutionary fellow workers — from the mines of Siberia to California, in all parts of Europe and America. His name will endure through the ages, and so also will his work.”

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Dr Hawking – What a Life You Lived!

Dr Hawking – What a Life You Lived! Your scientific works will live on and illuminate the lives of generations to come.


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False Complaints against Employees – Warning to HR

Foul play by Bouncers is being followed with dirty third rate false complaints. Are false rape/false Molestation cases the new strategy to bring glory and profit to balance sheet of Indian IT MNCs?


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Excellent work, “Poor” Rating, Motivation – Cartoon

“Your work has been excellent all year. I’m rating you “poor”, so I’ll have a paper trail in case I ever need to fire you. You will probably feel a little surge of motivation because you got feedback.”

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A 24 years old Web Developer Walked with Maharashtra Farmers!

I walked almost 40 km with the march on Saturday, March 10 before the heat took a toll on me and I had to return to Pune. But these superhumans, accustomed to toiling hard on the field, showed no signs of slowing down.

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Monthly Union Meeting – March 2018

Dear Friends, We have monthly union meeting on Saturday, March 17, 2018.                                      Topics : The reason behind Nirav Modi’s bank scam and the unreleased truth about Airtel money Union’s regular and Legal activities. Upcoming issues in IT Other topics …

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