Wipro Layoffs – NDLF Calls Upon Employees to File Grievance

We call upon all affected Wipro Employees to join the fight. The only way to put an end to this madness is for all IT Employees to join together and take legal and union action.

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Wipro Band Intertia : Senior Wipro Employee Continues Fight – The Next Step

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If we continue to proceed like this, in next few years, retirement age in IT will become 35. Let us get together, put an end to this corporate overlordship and assert employees’ right to work without fear, with dignity and professional pride.

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Cognizant (CTS) President Rajeev Mehta says No Retrenchments – Really?

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Mr. Mehta is upholding the fine tradition of Cognizant giving false information to the outside world. When and to whom will Mr. Mehta reveal the truth?

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We are not Slaves, Corporates are not our Masters! – Video

This is not the way an employer can treat employees. He can not dictate rules to us. We have fought to win labour rights. There can not be any restrictions on forming trade union and fighting for labour rights.

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Layoffs & Employee Rights : Senior Lawyer Balan Haridas – Video

In this speech Mr. Balan explains the salient points of Industrial Dispute Act and other laws related to rights of workmen including IT/ITES employees. What role does the Shops and Establishments Act play? Will joining a Trade Union lead to job loss? Will an agreement signed with the company take away my legal rights? What does the law say about layoffs, terminations and retrenchments?

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When IT employees Unite, the Whole Country can be Transformed

We ourselves are not aware of the strength of IT employees. This sector that unites the entire world brings together the employees from all states. If we strengthen ourselves by unionizing we can bring about revolutionary changes in our country.

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Views and Law : Terminations not Legal, can be Challenged and Overturned

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We need to spread awareness on what is Indian law for termination. I have seen 99% of the people leave this matter without checking this if they get another job. This awareness and unions will automatically stop all illegal termination.

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Are we in the right Profession?

Worth can be assured only by a profession in which we are not servile tools, but in which we act independently in our own sphere. It can be assured only by a profession that does not demand reprehensible acts, even if reprehensible only in outward appearance, a profession which the best can follow with noble pride.

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Communist Manifesto for IT/ITES Employees

The growing competition among the corporates, and the resulting commercial crises, make the compensation of the employees ever more fluctuating. The increasing improvement of machinery, ever more rapidly developing, makes their livelihood more and more precarious; the employees begin to form Trades’ Unions against the corporates;

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Wipro’s Layoff Plan : Senior Employee Prepares to Fight

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“I am senior employee of Wipro technologies working in Information technology for more than 20 years. Wipro is planning to do mass layoffs and this message is an insight on what is happening as part of this.”

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Why not have Aadhaar ear tags for humans also?

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Also, every human with an Aadhaar number must get an ear tag. Are humans in any way inferior to cows that we only get a colourless plastic card while they get a yellow polyurethane tag in the ear of their choice?

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Your Class Needs You – IT Employees in Bengaluru May Day Rally

“Workers of the World Unite! Unify the Class! Strengthen the Struggle! IT Employees, Your Class Needs You! The Future Belongs to the Working Class”

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How to save the world from the capitalist madness!

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From around 2003 the lending was over-extended, and households took out loans that were unlikely to be repaid: the now-familiar story of ‘sub-prime’ and ‘originate-to-distribute’. Significant parts of labour failed to deliver the repayments which formed the income streams of the mortage-backed securities.

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May Day!

The indentured labour system of British period has come back again in its modern garb called “Contract Labour”.

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