“People have the Power to Make Democracy” – Charlie Chaplin Video

“You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.”

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IT Unions : Corporate Deception and Employees Distress – Q&A

Job security, more transparent appraisal system, reducing working hours etc are the current concern. Issues like standard compensation package, or minimum wage will also come into focus in the future.

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US Magazine “The Nation” on Indian IT Layoffs!

With good jobs evaporating on both sides of the Pacific and the labor visa supply potentially dwindling, only organizing, not fighting each other for jobs, can stop the “race to the bottom” on a global scale. And with Trump and Narendra Modi embodying two sides of a neoliberal global order, it’s clear that previous administrations have failed to deliver sustainable middle-class prosperity for either society.

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GST : Modi Taxes the Poor to Reward the Rich – Proof

Modi government plans to reduce Income Tax for corporates from 30% to 25%. That reduction will be offset by the increased collections in GST, an indirect tax. What is the problem? Read on!

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Wipro’s Layoff Plan: Senior Employee Prepares to Fight – 2 Months On!

I have not submitted my resignation and I am in free pool still continuing my fight. I am not sure how long I can succeed. But I believe it is worth to mention few things which I come across in the last 2 months.

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Dalits convert to Buddhism

We should convert this anger into a mass protest that would throw this casteist system away and replace it with people’s power and democracy. Dalits realising this and joining hands with other working classes to abolish this unfair and unjust caste system is the only way out.

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HCL Fires an Employee of 17 years in 2 months!

I was considered for near future opening, but it was not considered by HR due to assignment issues. I worked for this organization for more than 17 years and got consistent performance rating. My last year rating was EP (exceptional performance).

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Boot Suit Ki Sarkar

In a country that thrives on agricultural economy, where majority of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood, farmers are stripped / killed and Mallayas fly away.

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News and Views : Private Education Mafia Humiliates Little Girls

Here, in this particular case , the school is gonna bail itself out of the case by bribing the police and the judiciary and the case would be settled under the table.

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IT Layoff: Dreams in Decline, Reality Bites!

The motto of capitalists is to make more profit, not to provide employment. The changes happening in IT sector drum this fact into our heads.

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Cattle Ban, Unions – history and politics : Discussion Meeting

NDLF – IT Employees Wing Discussion Meeting Date : 17h June 2017, Saturday Time : 4 pm to 7 pm Venue : Thiruvanmiyur

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News and Views : Who Owns Wipro?

Not only WIPRO, every other IT major has also surplus cash. How this large amount of profit accumulated? This was stolen from IT employees’ wages. This does not belong to Azim Premji, this belongs every worker in the company.

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Make in India or Shame in India : A Startup Story

Start ups and their sky high valuations are part of an elaborate financial network exploiting our country. Media hype the start ups as the next big thing for growth and employment generation. Stock market speculators bet on Indian founders as having magical wand to increase the valuations over night.

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Cognizant (CTS) Coimbatore Employees Struggle against Forced Resignations!

Overall tripartite meeting was satisfying to the employees, but we are yet to receive a concrete solution. Next meeting was scheduled on June 15th at the same venue.

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IT’s Crisis: Frontline covers the story

The current (June 17, volume 34, Issue 12) issue of Frontline covers the current crisis in Indian IT sector with 8 articles. The links of the articles and their synopsis are given below. A dream in decline The spectre of large-scale job losses haunts the Indian IT services industry, which teeters on the brink of …

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