‘SAVE COGNIZANT’ – Senior Employee Continues…

Just like Indian culture does not allow abandoning aged parents, the labor law in India does not allow terminating  employees without following the laws of the land. It also does not allow hiring and firing at will, to improve margins.

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TCS Sharebuyback – Whats There for Employees?

Buyback is a corporate action in which a company buys back its shares from the existing shareholders usually at a price higher than market price. Infosys completed its Rs 13,000-crore share buyback last year. HCL Technologies completed a share buyback for Rs 4,000 crore in September.


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Cognizant : Raj Mehta’s Dead Wood Implementation – A Real Story

DM: I need skilled and cost effective associates in my project. Young, energetic, without liability, willing to work as much extended hours without any comp-offs/additional cost to protect. I hope you understand. You are wasting everyone’s time. You should resign NOW.

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NDLF Against Unethical Practices – Videos

Prepared By : Saravanan

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Pariyerum Perumal : A Hard Hitting Examination of Caste in Our Society

What starts out as a meek question, a plea, slowly turns into a roar that drowns the insults thrown at him. “Can we stop the bullies? Then why stop him alone? It is better to die in a fight than opting to suicide,”

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Verizon Sends Employees to Infosys with a Timebomb Tied

Whatever may be the numbers involved, the fact stands that Infosys cannot accommodate larger onsite pool of employees as all Indian companies usually have less than 10% as onsite to offshore ratio.

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Is Union Legal? What Legal Protections Available for Union Members?

So it is very clear from legal terms that employee can have association with labor union and company cannot punish/dismiss any employee for their association with labor unions.

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Forced Resignation – A Brilliant Short Film

Inspired by true events, ‘humanRESOURCES’ is an independent film. The IT/corporate industry is an unpredictable playground in India where the people can be just seen as resources than mere Human beings with emotions. The film takes one such incident where things take a U-turn for the employees, during a tough time for a corporate company.

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Verizon Infosys Deal – What is Wrong in Terming it Slave Trade?

Yes, you heard it correct and I am also the part of slave group. I am also in Information technology sector for more than 50% of my life. I am resisting the slavery act upon me and I know the risk associated with it. I feel calling myself as slave is far better than living even without knowing I am a slave.


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TCS Makes India Poorer in Favour of Foreign Companies

Little less hypothetically, lets say that TCS starts paying Rs 12 LPA to all its entry level employees and accordingly adjusts salaries at all levels. Essentially ~8LPA increase per employee per year – nearly equivalent to a increase of $5.55/hour. Even this will make a big impact.

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Raj Mehta Dead-Ends Cognizant Employees Careers with DeadWood Comment

We demand that Mr. Raj Mehta should publicly retract his “Dead Wood” comment providing a comprehensive explanation on how it is wrong and Cognizant should drop this illegal and unfair retrenchment plan.

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Verizon Infosys Slave Trade : US Employees Worst Affected

“This is complete slave trade for the employees in USA. To avoid paying severance package, retirement medical benefits etc for the employees, Verizon decided cheap trade by threatening employees that your employment will be terminated if you don’t take Infosys offer and also you wont be qualified for severence/ benefits since we are providing you offer with Infosys.

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Verizon, Infosys Deal – Slave Trade or Employee Transition?

Our NDLF team is in regular touch with Verizon employees who are affected as part of this transition. We want affected employee to reach out for any help as part of this transition. We are happy to build confidence on our NDLF IT Wing and come forward for help on their issues. We are happy to bring this news as first media release in employee perspective

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When To Join Union? After Layoff, Too Late

Currently employees in IT sector think that labor unions will be required only when they face job loss crisis. If management terminates an employee suddenly, union cannot directly support affected employees as they are not enrolled as union members. In such case, they have to take up the fight independently and unions can backup only.

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Yamaha Workers Strike and What It Means for IT Employees

This strike gives us a heads up on implication of forming union in any industry. Before going to the implications, we will see what benefits we have as employees if we have unions in IT industry.

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