Rains – IT Companies, Clients intent on Business as Usual, Employees Suffer

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Today government announced leave but IT company are not following government order,  those company employees what will they do ?

B : I guess government has not passed the order and it’s just recommendation to corporate (as spoke with HR), which every company has their rights to take a call on their own.

Mostly MNCs will give. My interest on this, small scale companies where they don’t have transport management need to help them as well. But don’t know how , which we need to brainstorm

C : I received mail from which said no more working from home, anything emergency take leave. Even though have remote system facilities why these people not allowing to work from home. Forcing us to come to office what they can do after lost life similarly how two kids are died two days back. Telling useless reason like somebody taking advantage who shouldn’t do that so that everyone forced to come office.

D: Update from Cognizant Human resource team:

Dear Associate, in view of the incessant rains in Chennai today (Nov 3, 2017), *we would advise you to exercise caution while travelling* and wherever possible discuss with your manager to work from home. Note: Associates working on 24/7 projects, please contact your manager for instructions.


But they didn’t talk about leave…  In their view, we are raw materials to customers

C:  How they customers will behave at these kind of situations because our people say Western countries are providing more freedom to workers. Will they consider as serious issues when we bring this to them or what is their mindset.

But they didn’t talk about leave…  In their view, we are raw materials to customers

B: From their point of view they will respect this uncertainty but the same time delivery target dates (live) which they will never compromise. So they will put question how you continue you the delivery, what is your backup plan.

If delivery can’t be continued r minimal productivity (less than 50% for week). Then they ask plan to mitigate it immediately in 1 r 2 days .

If not,  ask them to handover the things to another vendor as well contractual point we need to pay penalty if we failed in backup and continuation of service.

So, customer will not bother about safety of associates as it is responsibility of local company. They will not put pressure directly to work on this condition. But they will threaten asking backup, continuation, mitigation and penalty.

We need to raise voice on if any leakage on safety measures at workplace and SEZ. Safety is more important than delivery. Pls take IT company, SEZ unsafe location photos, video clips and publish in our union site.

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