Reply to INautix Chennai Confessions Group Admins

Reply to our Dear INautix Chennai Confessions Group admins

Innautix Chennai Confessions has written a post about our articles in their fb page. They mentioned that they are just a confession page and they questioned why we (NDLF) are targeting employees instead of the management. They affirmed that this page is managed by employees of INautix . They also commented that our union is active only in fb and we are just fb heroes. This is the reply from our side to the above post.

We published 2 articles on layoff happenings in INautix. We talked with many affected INautix employees who are targeted as part of the layoff exercise. We posted these articles, only to help people to overcome layoff threat.

As part of NDLF, we helped thousands of employees from different companies to overcome layoff issues with guidance, awareness creation and legal battles.

In our discussions with INautix employees, we were referred to your INautix Chennai confession group. Based on their suggestion only, we started to read your posts. We are really shocked on seeing many posts posted on layoff issue. We want to highlight some of the posts posted in Inautix Confessions Page:

  1. “Why many people are repeatedly talking about layoff here in this page? There are so many good things happening in this world and layoff is not the only issue.” [For the colleagues who lost their jobs that is the only issue in this world]
  2. “I request people who are leaving as part of layoff to hand over their vehicle pass. It will be very helpful for employee who are continuing” [such insensitive comment to a person who lost their job]
  3. “Imagine the situation of a maid you employ. You may terminate a maid on immediate basis and she will not get next day salary. But INautix is paying 3 months salary as part of termination.” [Compare an employee of big corporate with a domestic maid employed by a salaried person! Do you know that in many advanced countries house workers have laws to protect their rights?]
  4. “I got another job which is much better than what I worked in INautix. I am not BNY Mellon employee anymore. But admin should not restrict me to confess in this page as I started my career with INautix and I got everything from INautix” [That is not the issue. The legality of layoff and employee rights are the issues to be discussed]
  5. “Layoff is not the end of the world. People will get better jobs and I got a job and I want to convey that in this forum” [That is not the issue. The legality of layoff and employee rights are the issues to be discussed]
  6. “I was called for my final meeting. I know what it is going to happen to me. I submitted my resignation immediately after I entered and everything is over within 10 minutes in the glass room with curtains closed.” [This is too indecent to comment about. What happens with curtains closed within 10 minutes?]
  7. [There is a post scolding another employee who is repeatedly talking about layoffs]

We have observed that these type of comments are typically posted in our articles by HR to spread false information about layoffs. They spread negativity in the minds of employees about their legal rights.

Nearly 3000+ working employees are actively seeing these posts in INautix Confessions Page. We suspect that these posts are intentionally posted to create the perception that hire and fire is legal and want every employee to submit to management tactics.

In our experience, we see managements host internal forums and these forums are governed by management itself. These forums are used as media to understand the employee mindset.

After seeing the above posts, we suspected that this forum is created by INautix management itself with wrong intention of creating false impression on employees. They want to make INautix employees believe they cannot fight layoffs and that’s the prime reason for posting these negative thoughts.

The following questions come to mind:

  1. Who is the admin of this forum? We talked with some of the INautix employees and they are also not clear on details of admin.
  2. This page exists for long time. Is this page not known to management?
  3. If this page is created by employees with genuine concern for employee rights, and they post for employee rights against management’s unfair actions, how come management allows this page for so long?
  4. Did management warn against posting news related to layoff in support of employees?
  5. Maintaining facebook page like this requires a lot of work and professional support. How come working employees doing this reviewing every post and posting new messages? Are they not assigned to any work in INautix?

That’s the prime reason for us to start questioning about your page. We ourselves wish that this page should not be a management managed page. That’s the reason, we apologize if our last article hurt anyone one.

We have seen that in your post about FITE in your page, you mentioned a Kural (a tamil couplet)

தேரான் தெளிவும் தெளிந்தான்கண்
ஐயுறவும் தீரா இடும்பை தரும்.

The meaning of this kural is if we approach anyone without knowing about them, it will create problems. We perceive the intention of adding this kural to the post about FITE is to threaten employees that these unions will not help and if you go behind them, it will create problem for you.

We never say you are spreading negativity by posting confessions of innocent employees. But we suspect that admin themselves with the help of management is posting confessions in between the real messages posted by employees to create negativity.

We do not expect common employees to post the above messages when 10% of their friends are fired for management greed. If we conduct or own survey asking whether this confession page is run by management or by employees, we may get even 100% vote. So we are not inferring anything with the votes you shared here.

We again reiterate that we wish that this page is operated by employees who come forward to help employees in difficult times. In that case, the admins would have questioned the above posts supporting layoffs and actively promoted posts by NDLF and FITE.

We assure you that we can help employees in this difficult times with our experience. We talked with employees and found some of them are in notice period. If they act fast legally, we can stop retrenchment and make them continue their work. The employees will be retained by complaining legally.

If you are real, for the benefit of employees post our article and recommend employees to contact us.

If you are standing in favor of employees, we can stand together and support affected employees along with FITE.

But if not, we feel you are part of management and we will be happy to be instrumental in exposing such management supporting, anti employees mechanism in INautix.

INautix management behaves like the spy in the following kural. “Having everyone – officials, kin and foes,
under surveillance is the job of a spy.”

வினைசெய்வார் தம்சுற்றம் வேண்டாதார் என்றாங்கு
அனைவரையும் ஆராய்வது ஒற்று –
(அதிகாரம்:ஒற்றாடல் குறள் எண்:584)

தம்முடைய தொழிலைச் செய்கின்றவர், தம் சுற்றத்தார், தம் பகைவர் என்று கூறப்படும் எல்லாரையும் ஆராய்வதே ஒற்றரின் தொழிலாகும்”

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