‘SAVE COGNIZANT’ – Senior Employee Continues…

This is the second essay from the Fighting Senior Cognizant Employee, The first part was published on October 19th (Cognizant : Raj Mehta’s Dead Wood Implementation – A Real Story)

We all know about the ‘SAVE TIGER’ project in India. Contrary to the traditional attitude that tiger should be contained (even killed) to save other endangered spices, the ‘EXPERTS’ realized that tigers should be saved to protect the entire ecosystem of the jungle.

Today Cognizant is tiger and many of its employees are endangered spices. In the name of automation, re-skill constraints, productivity, performance etc., the management is harassing its employees to resign or face termination. This is done to increase profits to investors like Elliott Management, who reap what they have not sown.

Cognizant HR team (under pressure to meet their targets of termination) have introduced illegal separation schemes, like – involuntary retirement for senior employees, and clean-exit for junior employees etc… completely devoid of statutory benefits.

There is something wrong at Cognizant. Everyday we hear about top management involved in some charges of improper payments, bribery, land/building acquisition issue, tax evasion, illegal retrenchment, forced termination etc. Subsequently, unwanted spending on 1) legal fees, 2) hiring experts to defend their legal cases, 3) firing employees, 4) fake external hiring etc To mend one mistake, Cognizant is doing two new mistakes.

Just like Indian culture does not allow abandoning aged parents, the labor law in India does not allow terminating  employees without following the laws of the land. It also does not allow hiring and firing at will, to improve margins.

This needs to STOP. Share your thoughts to help ‘SAVE COGNIZANT’.

– The Fighting Senior Cognizant Employee

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