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From the day of assuming power in 2014, Modi government has bypassing parliament to steamroll its agenda onto the country.

The latest such effort is to bundle 60 amendments unrelated to money matters into Finance Bill for the year 2017-18 and get it passed in the lower house. (Money bills do not require the approval of upper house).

Sitaram Yechury of CPM speaks in the House of States on 27-03-2017 condemning this “undemocratic and anti-democratic” move of Modi government.

“It’s murder of democracy. 60 of 189 unprecedented amendments to the Finance Bill do not relate to tax proposals.”

  1. “An income tax officer can come to your house. He has reasons to believe that you you are hiding something and he can raid your house. You can’t do anything.”
  2. “Whom they decide to be a citizen, whom they decide will not be a citizen…You are creating a totalitarian state. If I use the word fascist, you would say expunge because it’s not there in the book, but then you are creating a state, which is worse than that.”
  3. “making Aadhaar card mandatory was a violation of fundamental right of privacy.”
  4. the government has done away with the cap on contributions that companies could make to political parties. “Now these companies don’t even need to disclose this amount or the identity of the beneficiary even to their shareholders,”

“This bill should be rejected and sent back to Lok Sabha for a relook. All non tax matters should be deleted.”

Parliamentary democracy has long been a tool for fooling people and serving the interests of the ruling upper caste corporate elite. Now it is made more and more irrelevant by Modi led RSS government.

The unprecedented and unresolvable global crisis of capitalism which started in 2007 pushed the ruling classes from US to India into more and more open authoritarian rule. The true nature of this state is exposed in front of the masses.

But the custodians of this talk shop “democracy” like CPM, bemoan these developments and hope to restore it to its pristine purity to serve the interests of working masses. This purity has always been only in the minds of the opportunist politicians, never in reality.

The working class knows from long and bitter experiences that the state business is conducted behind the back of the so called elected representatives and assemblies are mere rubber stamps for implementing policies favouring the ruling classes. They also serve as means to share power among different groups of ruling class.

Struggles by youth, students and farmers of Tamil Nadu for the past 3 months show the path towards a true people’s democracy.

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Yechury tears into Jaitley’s Finance Bill, calls it murder of democracy

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