Update from this month’s Union Member Meeting

NDLF IT union wing’s monthly members meeting was held on 8-9-2019. It was heartening to  see many new members  participating in the meeting. It is worth to mention that we are  getting a stream of new membership recently as a result of the huge number of followers  in fb and due to our members articles that we regularly post in our website.

The meeting started with the new members  introducing themselves and why they joined  the Union. There was a quick discussion about being in union in these difficult times  and also the benefits of being in union even in non difficult times, Unions form a good  platform for people working in industries where there is no guarantee for their income.and job. The finally the topic was concluded that each member should bring at least one  new member to fortify the Union, and each and every member is here to help each other.

The gathering then moved to the agenda of the meeting, the first was about the New  Education policy 2019, which evoked much response from the group as each one faces this  issue personally. One of the member in the group has prepared for the topic and he gave  a overview of the policy and concluded saying that this policy has more cons than pros  for the public and particularly the next generation. Students community. The topic was  opened for discussion to the members to comment and register their views.

Many of the  members view where that the new policy is going to bring in more pain as its going to cause  with the kids , as there’s  going to be a public exam right from the 3 rd standard  itself. It may bring psychological pressure to the kids and parents equally, in  addition to the woes the adults are facing now because of uncertain economy and mixed  lifestyle imposed on us compellingly. A few opinioned that the kids future may get  completely spoiled if a kid fails in 3rd standard, he may have to re write the exam,  facing the taboo of failing in the exam, life long or he may have to choose a  vocational stream as he may not be able to do continue the main stream education, it  was questioned is it a policy or a curse on the people. Many others pointed out this  would only benefit the schools and private tuition centers as the academic part will  be more concentrated upon and these already money minded group would prey on these  public and their kids on the backdrop of this policy. A few opinioned that the  incumbent state government is also voiceless and has never pressed for state level  authority and has freely allowed the center to take over the reigns on education  policy. Finally the gathering concluded that the NEP2019 is a draconian policy and  should be opposed with full force.

Ensuing it was a brief Hot beverage break and it was followed by a next topic that was  taken for discussion, it was about the ever returning economic slowdown, this slowdown  reoccurs like elnino effect which causes severe drought or flood often, and is  unpredictable, but i apologize for comparing it to with elnino as the economy never  floods the citizens with money but always depletes its citizens of their money to feed  Corporate, its a anomaly. There was another member who had prepared for the topic and  he briefed about the economic downturn. The economic downturn surfaces every 6-8 years
ad the cause was said to be that the government all round the world every time uses to  bailout the corporates/banks and never have thought any other solution, even thought of  any other solution even after failing reoccurring for umpteen times. Good economic  advisors when suggest good things are always shown the exit door, the re-occurrence of  the economic downturn could only be stopped if the governments lend their ear to the  public, labour force and labour Unions, and listen to them. As they are the one who who  pays taxes in both forms direct and indirect. They are also the one who has to be kept  satiated as the economy is determined by the purchasing power and not by the production  capacity. Until this lesson is learnt the blips in econmy is bound to return and haunt  the world. When opened for members views and comments, many commented that which ever  party forms the govt they are pro-corporate and never listens to the public woes. But  whenever the corporates cry of diminishing profits they bailout them using public  money, collected as taxes. Government finds ways to extract taxes under various forms and  methods but never helps public to save money and this also a cause, GST and  Demonetization are examples of it. It was conclude that people are helpless now until a  new revolution breaks out and things need to be fixed in their place.Finally the treasurer presented the financial statement for the month, and urged the  members to be prompt in paying the subscription charges, and never to defer it. The  members vowed to bring in more new members for their benefit and the Unions growth.

  • Ravishankar

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