Silence of Indian CEO ‘Tigers’ on Corruption, Layoffs

Many corruptions by Corporates remain silent topic.

All Management careers esp Board of directors will become obsolete due to its costly failure.

  1. Many Board members are earning hefty package without doing any productive work.
  2. Strategic decision by Top management are failing in the last 2 decades.
  3. Corruption becomes rampant so are the corruption allegations against CEOs of in top companies in India. eg TCS and Infy former ceo statements .
  4. 99% unaudited CSR funds in India.
  5. Lack of Governance and security lapses by Corporate leaders.
  6. Sexual allegation and settlement cases by Corporate leaders unity. eg Phaneesh Murthy in Infosys and Igate/Kevin Baker in Fidelity/Shreya Utkil case against Wipro.
  7. Hefty package to Top management despite falling return of investment.
  8. Loose talks by Top Management and double standards in speech and action. eg Mohandas Pai on Layoffs and Union.
  9. Mohandas Pai spiritual relation with infamous Nithyananda in open facebook and Infosys Mysore visit.
  10. CTS Raj Mehta Deadwood statements against its own employees and former CTS president Lakshmi Narayanan Silence .

Nandan Nilekani and Aadhar Project

Major one is Aadhar security features are a pure failure by Mr Nandan Nilekani despite a hefty package.

The silence of Nandan on allegation about Panaya Deal corruption

“When we started the Aadhaar project in 2009, we had a clean slate. Instead of jumping right in, we spent a lot of time understanding how ID systems work around the world, the trade-offs between a central database and a smart card, how ration cards are being used in India, models for enrollment, etc. We recruited some of the brightest in the world to help us research the possibilities, challenges and opportunities of building Aadhaar. In other words, we studied the fence. The quality of the debate on Aadhaar today would be a lot better, if all of us could do the same.

We’re all in this together: Aadhaar isn’t building a surveillance dystopia, it asserts your individual identity vis-à-vis the state:” – Nandan Nilekani

News : “Delhi government delinks Aadhaar and social welfare pensions” – Days after TRAI chief’s Aadhaar dare created a flutter, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) today asked people not to share publicly their 12-digit identifier on Internet and social media, or pose such challenges to others.

Questions 1.Is Nandan Nilekani ignorant about AADHAAR security issue from Beginning? 2. Is Nandan Nilekani accountable for 9,942 crore Aadhaar project failure ?

Panaya Deal Allegations

The silence of Nandan on allegation about Panaya Deal corruption and Murthy’s statement about Panaya deal transparency?

Panaya deal lacks transparency as per Murthy’s open statement but how it become clean and transparent after Sikka’s exit.

Still it is non transparent.

before exit

“Living by these principles has resulted in Infosys being the torchbearer of corporate governance over the last three decades. Let me give you a few key examples of our voluntary effort to be a leader in transparency and corporate governance.

01. The first company in India to give quarterly reporting.
02. First in India to give topline and earnings guidance on a quarterly and yearly basis.
03. First in India to adopt the stringent disclosure standar ..

Folks, it is not lost on me that the choice I have faced was to keep quiet, not raise these questions, and let the company suffer OR to stand up and ask questions. While keeping quiet may make me seem gentle and “good”, it had the potential to mortally wound the company in the long-term. Therefore, I chose to speak up and question because, like every one of you on this call, I wish to see this company flourish as an institution.”

After exit

Why silence now Narayana Murthy sir after Vishal Sikka exit? After Vishal Sikka Exit, Why silence on question raised from your end?

Murthy said there is no need to give advice to Nilekani on finding and appointing new CEO for Infosys as he had done well during his stint as the CEO of the IT company. “Having been a good CEO himself he knows what is required. So, there is no need for advice,” he said.

Why no advice? What is the action on lack of transparency in panaya deal? Does Panaya deal need re visitation and third party audit?

Google’s Project Maven

Another one is Maven project data queries is a question. Google’s Sundar Pichai on his alleged role in the project

“Google unveiled a new set of principles guiding its approach to artificial intelligence, including a pledge not to build AI weapons, “technologies that gather or use information for surveillance violating internationally accepted norms” or ones “whose purpose contravenes widely accepted principles of international law and human rights.”

Is PII data of Rest of world sold to USA via Facebook? Is project Maven needed in USA?

Brahmins domination in corporate top management

  • TTK – Mundhra Scam
  • India cements – Cricket Scam Betting
  • Google – Project Maven data related issue
  • Pepsi – Water related issue
  • TCS – Cyrus Mistry CEO forced resignation
  • IS Dell EVP BASK IYER, a Brahmin or not ?
  • Is Cap Gemini VP, global practice – Venkat Iyer Brahmin or not?

Is Brahmins domination in IT top Management caused Layoffs and unemployment among Brahmin learned circle?

TTK has the ignominy of being the first minister in free India to have resigned due to his involvement in a scam.

Layoff silence from Corporate CEOs

Sundar Pichai, CEO – Google
N Chandrasekaran, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Corporation
N R Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys Ltd
Sudha Murthy– Co founder Infosys
Lakshmi Narayanan– Vice Chairman and former CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions
Vijay Mallya-UnitedBreveries, owner.
Indra Nooyi– CEO PEPSI Co

Please add to the list ..

Soon Top management hefty salaries and their roles wont be needed anymore since value addition is less. On scams, whose silence is dangerous ? Silence of the Lambs Or Silence of CEO Tigers?

– Chennai Citizen

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