Slogans from Bangalore IT Professionals

Some of the slogans put forward by IT friends in Bangalore union WhatsApp group. The union plans to hold a protest on August 5th in Bangalore.

“Come together and work together …Show the power of unity ..We can show our strength to stop the Illegal layoff, Unfair practices, Forceful resignation, Forcefully sending the Employees out, Termination and Harrasement at work places in IT, ITES, KPO, BPO, ITO Sector”

“Inquilab zindabad IT union zindabad. A pro- revolution slogan used in India before independence”

“Companies got tax exemption employees got layoff, WHAT JUSTICE”

“India a knowledge economy or a suicide economy. IT industry bosses …Learn to manage professionally not ‘somehow'”

“Land of the Vedas ..Land of logic now land of layoff ..Insecurity..slavery and stress Shame on you CTS..Infosys..HCl..tcs”

“You layoff ILLEGALLY…UNPROFESSiONALLy a first generation rural Kannada engineer ..Whose father sold his plot to work for you for slave wages”

“the revenue per engineer these companies make and the illegal work pressure they apply to somehow increase the profit and then throw you out like waste. It’s important to talk to media the cruelty in work pressure and the numbers”

“Infosys each if your employee earned you 35 lakhs for each year you hardly paid them a few lakhs ..You took 14 hours of work..including ..Weekends ..Now suck their blood and throw them on the streets
Infosys your revenue last year us 67000 crores ..You want to double it in the coming year with the same employees”

Slogans mocking corporate taglines





“International Business Machines Corporation International Laying off”

– courtesy Bangalore IT Employees WhatsApp group

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