Socialism Makes the Real Workers Supreme

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As a whole, socialist Soviet Union didn’t have selfish politicians who are interested only in their own welfare. That’s why Soviet Union could realize those miracles.

V. I. Lenin at the All-Russia Subbotnik in the Kremlin grounds. Moscow. May 1, 1920

We, a country like India which is not industrially developed, too can realize them. Yes, we have another example in China, which was largely a peasant economy. One anecdote, an extract of the news sent by a French journalist to ‘The Times’ from Beijing in 1970s, is given below.

“At only 12 miles from Beijing, one lakh Chinese are toiling in cold, day & night, in order to change the course of a river. All they have as equipment are wheel-barrows, spades, pick-axes & Mao’s Red book.

…This scene is yet more captivating at dawn. Those who see it may take it as a propaganda setup prepared to be shown to foreign visitors. …

There have been many floods & droughts in the history of Hai River. Chinese news papers say that when Mao called on the people to ‘tame’ this river, thousands & thousands of peasants paid heed to it.

From that day onwards, they are moving the earth enough to raise a wall of 3 feet height around the globe 37 times. The 19 main tributaries of Hai got their beds deepened and 900 miles long earthen banks were raised. The water carrying capacity of the main drainage region got increased from 9000 cubic feet per second to 1,27,000 cfs. Thus 8,25,000 acres of fields were saved from the flood damage….

The sacrifice of Russian people to save the world from fascist Hitler by sacrificing two and half crore of their own is so enormous.

Recently I had visited some of these work sites. There is no noise of machines. The heavy breaths of the persons digging with pick-axes, the neighs of mules, the shouting of the cart men, the chorused hails of workers, revolutionary songs played in loud speakers, etc were the only sounds that filled those sites.

In order to deepen the river bed, we have to first remove the thick frost layer braving the cold. In spite of that, I saw an old man of 60 years working with naked torso because such condition was convenient to swing the pick-axe with force. The batches work in shifts of 8 hours without any gap, day & night, sometimes in below zero temperature, in order to deepen the river bed, raise the banks & destroy small tributaries to create new wider river beds.

On Mao’s call, workers perform any work willingly. They topple the trees with their own body weight. They rest in huts or sheds built with small earthen wall and thatched with straw to keep them warm from cold winds. Hot steaming food in big vessels is brought to the work sites themselves.”

(From Marx to Mao, pg 193)

The achievements of Socialist people of Soviet Union & China are so wonderful. The November 7 revolution that eradicated capitalist exploitation, liberated wage slaves and gave them all rights is so great. The sacrifice of Russian people to save the world from fascist Hitler by sacrificing two and half crore of their own is so enormous.

Mao Ze dong

On Mao’s call, workers perform any work willingly.

Who bad mouths communism as dictatorship and its leaders as murderers? Are they working people? No. It is the enemies of Communism who spread such nonsense all over the world spending billions.

Why? Because, if communism comes to power, the common people living in huts and slums will start imposing their rule on capitalists. Then, can the vampires like Ambani build towers spending 5000 crores? Can they suck the blood from working people? That’s why they keep spreading the lies and hoaxes about communism. The facts given in these 5 parts prove them wrong.

The spectre dreaded by the capitalists, a monster with billion legs, communism will surely rise. It will settle accounts with all their injustices.

Come join the movement of Naxalbari revolutionaries sworn to create earthly heaven for crores of working people and ‘dictatorship’ for exploiters.

November Revolution Greetings to all!

– Internationalists


This is a translation of Tamil article published in  vinavu in 2010. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the great Russian Socialist Revolution (November 7, 1917), we publish this article as five part series. We had added updated information to account for the 8 years of new developments.

Translated by : Nesan


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