1917 : Bulwark of European Reaction Destroyed

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This is a translation of Tamil article published in  vinavu in 2010. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the great Russian Socialist Revolution (November 7, 1917), we publish this article as five part series. We had added updated information to account for the 8 years of new develoments.


Women workers in Soviet Union

100 years before, a new world was created by the working people under the leadership of Comrade Lenin in Soviet Russia. The Russian farmers & workers built a socialist society and gave birth to a new generation which did not know exploitation and capitalists.

Today socialism has faced setbacks. It does not mean that capitalism has won over socialism. The Capitalism keeps killing people. The recent example is the brutal killings by police firing at Thoothukudi on behalf of Sterlite factory.

Children playing in the steps of Tiflis Medical college (1931) (source : https://thecharnelhouse.org/2015/12/16/margaret-bourke-white-in-the-ussr-1931/)

In order to facilitate the plunder of our mineral resources, the tribal people of central India are driven out of their lands and made into refugees. The globalization imposed by imperialists has pushed more than 2 lakh farmers to commit suicide. The greed for profit is killing many millions of working people all over the world. It has rendered those who still survive into living dead.

Such imperialistic capitalists are harping for the past 50 years that communism has failed. They scare people saying that the communism is total dictatorship and that the communists will confiscate the houses including goats, chicken, cattle, etc. What will a farmer in our country with some cattle will do if he hear such propaganda? He is more likely to get frightened by this lie and spread it in turn to many more. Many such false stories have been spread in our country.

Lenin in art

The dissolution of Soviet Union does not mean communism has failed. We don’t say the sun has disappeared when the clouds cover it. The purpose of this post is to uncover the lies and slander propagated by capitalists. We should spread the actual facts on the soviet method of governance, the democratic rights won over by the people, the standard of their living, etc. The observations given below of the travelers to Soviet Russia would help in this regard.

In our society of opportunistic squalor, we are taught to shut our senses to the plight of even our next door neighbor. In Soviet Russia, a tractor parked in the residential area of a collective farm caught fire. In order to save the houses from danger of certain destruction, a young newly married socialist of 28 years got on the tractor, drove it out of the area and in the process met his death. If both he and us are human beings we have to assess our humanity based on the selfless action of that socialist youth.



Russia: Bulwark of European reaction stormed by Marxist Leninism


Russia is half European, half Asian

Befor 20th century, in Russia, workers & farmers were subjected to untold oppression. The workers, who could no longer bear the atrocities of the capitalists, once gathered in great numbers and went to petition the tzar. They naively thought that the tzar is unaware of the oppressions they face from the factory owners. It was 1905.

As the crowd drew near the palace, the mounted regiment of tzar encircled them and sent a shower of bullets on them. Within no time, thousands got killed. Even today that day is remembered as bloody sunday by Russians. This is the political climate of the Russia before 1917.

On 25 October 1917 (later this date was changed to November 7 as per the western calendar), millions of Russian people gathered in the Bolshevik party under the leadership of Comrade Lenin, overthrew the regressive government and established the world’s first government ruled by the working people.

(to be continued…)

Courtesy : Vinavu (“பாராளுமன்றத்திற்கு சென்ற பால்காரம்மா”: சோவியத் யூனியனின் அற்புதங்கள்! By சர்வதேசியவாதிகள் – November 7, 2010)

Translated by : Nesan


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