Stand with Farmer! – IT Employees Campaign to Save Farmers!

NDLF IT Employees Wing has planned a mass campaign among IT employees to highlight the crisis faced by our farmers.

We request all members of NDLF IT Employees Wing and other IT employees to actively participate in any or all the activities.

  • Pamphlet Distribution
  • Poster Campaign
  • Fund Raising (for the campaign expenses)
  • Promotion in Social Media

IT/ITES Friends!

Stand With Farmer!
Organize under NDLF – IT Employees Wing!
Join Farmers’ Struggle for Livelihood!
Put an end to anti people, pro-corporate policies of the state!

Dear IT / ITES Friends!

We all have roots in villages and agriculture. Even as we face layoff attacks, farmers are being pushed into misery and death.

This crisis of farmers is not due to some accident. For the last 30 years, the state apparatus (bureaucrats, politicians, police and judiciary) has been neglecting agriculture and implementing policies favouring the swindle of farmers by multinational and domestic corporates. The root cause of both IT layoffs and Farmers’ distress is the corporate greed for profit.

  • In the name of ‘green revolution’, fertilizers, pesticides and new seeds were foisted on farmers. Thereby land, water and environment were poisoned.
  • Even as the state neglected the maintenance of the irrigation channels, ponds and lakes, water bodies were encroached.
  • By plundering sand and water from rivers, the ground water level got depleted.
  • Tamilnadu’s rights over Cauvery and Mullai Periyar were sacrificed for chauvinist gains in Karnataka & Kerala.
  • Crippling agriculture in Thanjavoor delta and displacing farmers, Methane/Hydrocarbon extraction projects are being imposed.
  • The state deliberately neglects support price and government procurement for agricultural produce.
  • Overburdened with debt, farmers get sucked dry by usury and high interest.
  • In culmination of all these, lakhs and lakhs of farmers are forced to end their lives.

Farmers protesting to safeguard their livelihood were shot at and killed by the state. Police forces are deployed in full force to terrorize the protestors.

Can we resolve any of these issues by petitioning this state serving the corporates and regressive forces? Does any electoral political party oppose the policies of privatization-liberalization-globalization which is the root cause of this corporate plunder? Does any of them propose an alternative?

Farmers can not fight this alone! Industrial workers, Informal workers and White collar workers should join this fight to bring real democracy to the masses.

We, IT/ITES employees, should stand shoulder to shoulder with our farmers and rally against the issues they face.

New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing

Phone: 90031 98576

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