Sterlite Shutdown : TN GO just eyewash!

Government order(GO) is just a temporary way or political drama by Edappadi government to curb the growing protests across the world against the Sterlite copper smelting plant !

“Unless a special law like the one allowing Jallikattu is passed, it is just a eye wash.”
– Says environmentalists and Lawyers

Here is why?!

Since it started in 1996, Sterlite, controlled by London-headquartered Vedanta, has faced lengthy legal battles over environmental concerns, and continued its operations polluting the environment and lives of Thoothukudi people..

In 2010, the Madras High court ordered Sterlite to shut down, but Supreme Court stayed the closure order of the Madras High Court. Sterlite was able to continue with its unlicenced production with relief from the Supreme Court. Between October 2010 and April 2013 when the Court delivered its verdict, three workers were killed and several injured in eight hazardous incidents. Three years later, the High Court ruling was set aside by the Supreme Court, even as the court found that the company violated environmental laws. The company was told to pay a fine of just Rs. 100 crores and allowed to continue operations (and polluting the environment).

Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board had shut the plant for some time in 2013 also after allegations that a “toxic” gas leak had caused breathing, throat and eye problems among residents. This closure lasted longer than the other earlier shutdowns, but was eventually revoked after TNPCB “failed” to establish beyond reasonable doubt that Sterlite was the cause of the gas leak.

The current GO will not escape the judiciary nor the rule books. Vedanta will come back strong through various loop holes and via these A**holes who have been getting money all these years and allowing Sterlite to crush the lives of people.


Order by the government “in the larger public interest”
Chief Minister E Palaniswami said it has been made “in respect to public sentiments”.

These words (under ” “) can be easily brought down in the Court and Under article 18(1)(b). If government wants to permanently shutdown a factory, it should have all the details and reasons, those reasons would have to be justified and proved.

Modi government keeps telling people that People should be tolerant and bear the pain for the development of the country. These kind of statements were made by central govt for demonetisation, Gail, methane projects. Sterlite is no exception.

Until a permanent closure and special law is passed, People should not give up and continue the protest. Otherwise, the lives of those fighters who gave their lives would have gone in vain, as did Anita’s sacrifice against NEET.

Distraction, Diversion , Forgiveness and poor memory has become a habit for us! Lets overcome  them!

– Raj

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