Strengthen Union, Support Contract Employees, Stand With Farmers – IT Union Meeting

Strengthening NDLF IT Employees Wing

Office bearers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer) and members of working committee for NDLF IT Employees Wing were elected in the meeting held on June 17, 2017. The working committee met last saturday (July 8, 2017) and decided to strengthen the union by enrolling hundreds of IT employees from various companies. The committee decided to organize a leadership team of 20-30 members who would lead these efforts.

An employee union is not only concerned with layoff issues, filing cases with labour department and running campaigns against forced resignations. The union’s main role is to stand for the interests of employees within the company on various issues ranging from appraisal process, working hours, even availability of sufficient computer resources etc.

We invite all members to attend the forthcoming monthly meeting coming Saturday without fail. The meeting will decide on the next course of action which will create a major impact in IT industry not only in Tamil Nadu, but all over India.

The plight of Contract Employees

Friends, we enjoy the right to form unions and fight for a healthy workplace under laws which are fruits of long and bitter struggle by thousands of workers over several decades. These laws are meant to protect democratic rights of employees in work place.

But these rights are available only to about 8% of permanent, salaried and wage workers in government, public sector and corporate jobs. The other 92% of our fellow workers have no legal protection against arbitrary termination of employment, long working hours and low salary/wages. We can safeguard the democratic rights we enjoy under labour laws, only by fighting for the rights of majority workers in our country.

In that sense, we should raise our voice for the rights of contract employees increasingly employed even by leading IT companies.

Farmers’ Crisis

More importantly, the plight of farmers all over India is a serious concern for all of us. Over 10 crore farming houreholds and about 25 crore agricultural labourers lead a hard and bitter existence.

When the rains fail, as they did in Tamil Nadu last year, the rural agricultural economy is starved with dry canals, withered crops and barren fields. The farmers hardly get any support from the state for drought relief and they are pushed into the hands of usurious money lenders.

When the monsoon is plentiful, as it was in major parts of North India last year, farmers suffer due to low prices for their products. Their input costs for commercial seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and hiring of farm machinery which are controlled by corporate monopoly keep going up. At the other end, for selling their products they are left to the tender mercy of markets buffeted by international commodity trading. As a result, the prices of agricultural commodities crash at harvest time and farmers are forced to make distress sales and sink deeper into debt.

NDLF IT Employees Wing plans to highlight the issue of farmers among IT employees in the coming weeks. We will publish series of posts highlighting the crisis faced by farmers all over India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. We request all IT Employees to show their solidarity with farmers’ cause.

NDLF – IT Employees Wing

1. Strengthening union of IT Employees

2. The plight of contract employees in IT sector

3. Stand with our Farmers

Discussion Meeting

Date : 15h July 2017, Saturday
Time : 4 pm to 7 pm
Venue : Perumbakkam

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