TCS Joins Verizon, Infosys Party to Exploit Employees

We have published articles about a deal between Verizon and Infosys. The articles cover the various happenings about how Verizon employees are forcefully moved to Infosys without getting their consent. We also published a news that US employees in Verizon are very reluctant in taking up Infosys offer for various reasons. Later Verizon management in US agreed for paying severance package for employees unwilling to resign based on various articles published in US medias.

The interesting follow-up on this deal now is tha TCS is getting into this deal. People who are in free pool for more than 2 months working in TCS got mail from their HR representative this week. The mail states that employee is shortlisted for project in Verizon based out in Chennai and Hyderabad location. Later when these employees contacted about this opening, they were told that these employees will be working out in office of Infosys in Chennai and Hyderabad location.

As per this mail, it gives a feeling that TCS is also involved as part of this deal. But from employee perspective, it adds more confusions on this deal. The various queries raised by TCS and Verizon employees are:

  1. Verizon employees are afraid that they will be moved out after their contract period in Infosys. There is no clarification provided by Infosys so far in this matter in any of the front line media.
  2. Why TCS employees are added for this project? What is the role of TCS in this deal? If more TCS employees are added, what implications it is going to create for Verizon employees already moved out to Infosys. This adds oil to the fire on their confusion about job guarantee after their contract period
  3. As per our discussion, more than 300+ employees in TCS received this mail. How many TCS employees moved to this deal actually?
  4. As per this discussion, TCS employees will be working in Infosys office. Is this is a setback for deal between Infosys and Verizon? If that is the case, what will happen to Verizon employee moved to Infosys?

It is very clear that both Indian software giant are fighting hard for their pie in this great deal. But our worry is employee should not be affected by the decision of big corporates. It is very important for all the 3 managements to clarify various doubts employee have. If this is not sorted out, it is clear that employee interests are thrown into air for the sake of corporate profits.

People working in these 3 companies can contact our union if they have any concerns about this deal.

– Shyam Sundar,
President, NDLF IT Employees Wing

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