Tech Mahindira : Wanted Candidates for Firing!

[A mock ad received in WhatsApp from an affected Tech Mahindra employee ]

Tech Mahindra is looking to fire employees from multiple positions. Please find below description for requirement:

Exp: 4-20 yrs
Salary: 2 months (on the spot 70% rest 30% in next 15 days)

Mandatory Skills:

  • MUST have L rating in present appraisal.
  • MUST be on business wait (Duration is no bar for right candidates).
  • He/she must be performing well in last project with customer appreciations.

Good to have:

  • Approaching five year with firm to be eligible for gratuity amount.
  • Be a good team player.
  • Be open to learn new technologies.
  • Being nervous is a plus.
  • Be in Pune/Maharashtra location


  1. Having good knowledge on any technology is NOT considered.
  2. No negotiations on PRD issues.
  3. Mobiles and camera not allowed during interview process.


  • You are already buttering your managers till date.
  • Already resigned from Tech Mahindra in the last 2 months.
  • Received good hike for doing nothing.
  • Still taking CEO visions and press talk seriously.

If you find it suitable, please send your interest to HR, Tech Mahindra

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