Tech Mahindra Layoff Plan : Senior Employee Prepares to Fight!

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This gentleman spoke to us today and gave us details of the “Separation” plan prepared for him by his employer Tech Mahindra. No need to mention that this so called “plan” is illegal and unfair to employees who have given the best years of their lives for the company’s growth. 

(For a deeper insight into IT layoffs, read IT Employees Suffer! Share Markets Party! Governments Fiddle” from April 2017. Also read Press Release : Stop Tech Mahindra’s Illegal Layoff of 1,500 employees )

So what should we do? Read on to find out. 

“I am working in Tech Mahindra for last 17 years and appraisal process for this year is completed. As part of the appraisal process, Tech Mahindra tries to separate several thousand employees this year.

I am rated lower in the appraisal process. I had a call from HR team today for the discussion on my separation:

  1. They mentioned that they will be giving 2 months gross salary as part of separation process. They showed me demand draft taken in my name for the gross salary amount. They asked to take the DD and submit the resignation on my own. [2 months salary for 17 years of work!]
  2. They insisted that it is a good deal as I am getting 2 months salary. If I am not taking this offer, company will initiate the separation process. [That is the usual empty threat]
  3. I refused to resign and I am not sure where this will lead. They have given me 1 day time to think and take up their offer. [that is their generous offer to spoil my career] the resignation offer. I will be having my next meeting with HR tomorrow.

4) I know several thousand employees are targeted for separation this year as part of appraisal process


Last year a HR official asked one of the employees of Tech Mahindra to submit resignation by giving 1 day notice. This audio conversation was leaked and went viral on social media. As result of this, Anand Mahindra had to apologize for the HR act by sending message on Twitter as below:

“I want to add my personal apology. Our core value is to preserve the dignity of the individual & we’ll ensure this does not happen in future,”

We are seeing this repeated this year also and many employees of Tech Mahindra are approaching us. We want answers for the below queries from Tech Mahindra management :

  1. Is this lay off happening with consent of Anand Mahindra? If so, what is the reputation of the company in this regard as they are intentionally repeating this act every year?
  2. Don’t they know Industrial Disputes Act is applicable to IT employees and IT companies have to follow due process for any employment related issues?
  3. Is this planned layoff intimated to the labor department and permission obtained according to the law?
  4. If these acts are happening without the consent of Anand Mahindra, who is driving this? Are they not repeatedly violating legal conditions? They threaten the employees to submit resignation, who gave these HR officers authority to do this?
  5. In case of a planned separation process, employees have to be offered severance package. Companies like Verizon paid 1 month salary as compensation for every year of service. For example, in the senior Tech Mahindra employee case, as he is working for 17 years and he has to be offered 17 months of salary as severance package. His HR is offering 2 months salary as severance package, Is this not cheating of a loyal employees working for 17 years?
  6. Even in such a voluntary retirement scheme, it should be based on the consent of employee. If the employee is not ready to resign, how HR officers has the right to threaten employees. Who has given the authority to these officers
  7. Does Tech Mahindra not know, that affected employees have dependent elderly parents, wife, children studies, loan repayment schedules associated with them. Don’t they have any social responsibility here? Is money making their only agenda?

Many of the IT Companies have greedy corporate mentality and they do not care for their employees. It is now the turn of IT employees in Tech Mahindra to face the pressure. They should resist this forced resignation, join NDLF IT union and fight for their rights.

Please forward this article to all fellow employees to create awareness among them.

Please also read the following series for more information on how to face forced resignations.

– Spring Thunder

(For a deeper insight into IT layoffs, read IT Employees Suffer! Share Markets Party! Governments Fiddle” from April 2017. Also read Press Release : Stop Tech Mahindra’s Illegal Layoff of 1,500 employees )

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