Tech Mahindra : Unhappy Employees Forced to Respond Positively in Survey

This write up is sent by one of Tech Mahindra Employees, who for obvious reasons does not want their name to be revealed. They want the world to know about shabby employee  practices followed by Tech Mahindra management and the shady ways the use to present a rosy picture to rating agencies, customers and clients.

Tech Mahindra is a leading service provider to telecom companies like Three UK and Vodafone. 43% of its revenues come from the telecom vertical. Apart from software services, it also provides business support services like customer service and retention, sales, chat and email support and tech support to the customers of organisations like Three. These services are provided through a unit called Tech Mahindra Business Services.

The Gallup Great Workplace Award was created to recognize companies for their extraordinary ability to create an engaged workplace culture. As a part of this process Gallup sends out surveys to employees of these companies to measure employee engagement and satisfaction.

Tech Mahindra Business Services is using unethical tactics to win this award. Employees have been forced to respond positively to the survey.

Before seeing how this is done, let us look at how Tech Mahindra Business Services is plagued with multiple issues for employees.

Employee Engagement

Tech Mahindra Business Services makes it impossible for good individuals to grow within the organisation. (image for representation purpose only)

It has leaders with very poor organisational and people skills, business intelligence, and industry knowledge. This problem arises from the fact that lower management like Team Leaders and Mentors teach individuals to game the system to improve their performance stats. Based on these stats, these leaders grow within the organisation. Individuals participating in these practices are recognised, awarded incentives and eventually become leaders themselves. Since the skill that is taking them higher is gaming the system they are experts on loopholes with internal tools and documentation but have a very poor understanding of business structures, industry, technology, financials, regulations etc. They really have no ability to deliver positive results without engaging in unethical practices. Tech Mahindra Business Services makes it impossible for good individuals to grow within the organisation.

If you do not engage in unethical practices, your performance stats will be poor and you will either voluntarily leave the company or they will find faults with you and make you leave the company. Performance stats have no meaning in a system which is rigged. Incentives, ratings, salaries and growth are determined based on these rigged performance stats, so the entire process of career development becomes a farce. Meritocracy takes a different meaning altogether. Most employees do not last the 18 months that are required to apply for Internal Job Postings. If we study the number of employees who had to leave without applying for even a single IJP, the situation is much worse than the number of people laid off by any IT company.

Naturally, this is not a happy workplace and employees will not respond positively to the Gallup survey out of their own free will. Hence, the need to force employees to respond positively to the survey. They just want to create an impression that employees are happy and this is a great place to work.

As you may be aware that Tech Mahindra Business Services is the winner of Gallup Great Workplace award in 2017. The surveys are being conducted again this year and employees are being forced to rate “Very Satisfied” on every parameter. The team leader, under instructions from higher management, stands next to the employee and forces them to mark very satisfied on every parameter.

This is clearly being done to win the award to show that employees are very happy when that is not really the case.

The unethical practices impact not only the employees and the work culture but also the clients and their customers. In many cases regulations are not followed. We may have to take this up with regulatory authorities and telecom companies as Tech Mahindra Business Services is showing no signs of transforming.

– a whistle blower Tech Mahindra employee

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