Verizon Terrorism : Are Employees Bonded Labour?

900 IT Workers Sacrificed in Verizon Terror Attack
Government and Labour Department Remain Mute Witness
What do we do?

How do we confront the corporates who follow Hire and Fire policy and treat us like bonded labour?

In December 2017, Verizon terminated the services of about 1000 of its employees in a single day in a carpet bombing attack. Other Verizon employees looked on helplessly and the government and labour department did not bother to intervene.

What should employees do?

Employees earn revenues for the company. But the companies always look to maximize their profits. They go to any length to accumulate capital. History shows that capital from its birth is ruthless in its quest for accumulation.

But, what should employees do?

Who are we? How do we estimate of our own strength? As individuals we may have a dream for our future, but what do we learn from the history of working class, what challenges it faces today and what kind of future we leave for the next generation of workers?

The number of engineering graduates entering the job market every year is atleast 10 times more than the recruitment numbers by IT companies. Including all graduates the gap is huge. Young graduates are pushed from pillar to post, made to work under whatever conditions imposed by the employer. The proportion of contract workers is increasing right in front of our eyes.

What should employees do?

Experienced employees are also made to suffer.

‘Nobody’s job is safe. Whether we have a job tomorrow is not based on our talent, but decided by the profit maximizing top management’. This lesson is drummed into our heads by TCS, Wipro, CTS, Tech Mahindra, IBM and recently by Verizon.

Verizon gave the following statement after terminating services of its employees
“As Verizon consolidates its strategy so we can scale, compete and continue to be successful, Verizon’s IT, including Verizon Data Services India, is transforming into an engineering-centric, technology organisation. The transformation entails rationalisation of roles which has an impact on headcount. We are doing role rationalisation not to meet a specific number but to match the talent with the requirements of the business for its future,” it said.

Verizion is not bothered to incorporate the welfare of employees in its strategy. Not only Verizon, TCS, IBM, Wipro, CTS and every corporate follow similar strategies.

What do we do?

Terminations are managed in a professional manner. Services of legal experts, psychiatrists, doctors and even bouncers were employed in sending employees out.

Even as such illegal terminations go on, the labour department and the government remain mute witnesses, not daring to raise their law enforcement arms against their corporate master. Even after 1 month, they have not taken any action against the illegal termination by Verizon

How do we confront the corporates who follow Hire and Fire policy and treat us like bonded labour?

How do we challenge the labour department and the government which fail to prevent the corporates from ruining our lives?

Employees not raising their voice in support of wronged colleagues is the strength of these corporates. They are very well aware of this.

Break this apathy. Come forward to discuss and decide, How to confront this continuing corporate terror?’
Put an end to corporate anarchy.

Corporate Terror Continues!
It was TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, IBM yesterday
Today Verizon – 900 IT Workers Sacrificed!
Who is Tomorrow? What do we do?

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