Threatened and Fired by Verizon : Employee Experiences

Reports from illegally fired Verizon employees in Olympia Tech Park, Chennai. (all names changed)

1. Rahul was working in Olympia office. On December 12th, he did not go to office for medical reasons. He received news that his manager and 4 out of 6 of his team members were sacked on that day.

Employees who received awards, women, expecting mothers were fired. No one could figure out the criteria the management used to fire the people.

The next day on 13th when he went to office, SPM escorted him to the HR room and there pre-typed resignation letter was produced for him to sign. He has no option that sign, as he was afraid that they may resort to physical measures if he resists.

He says, this process when on for the next 3-4 days till all the employees in the list were tracked down and resignations obtained from the under pressure.

Employees were threatened that if they don’t sign the resignation letters, they will be terminated by the company.

As part of the termination package, employees were given 1 month salary per year of service, out of which 30% tax is deducted.

Rahul said that many of his friends were in shock and were not able to talk about what happened. Rahul was thankful that he was atleast half prepared and was not exposed to the sudden shock on Tuesday. But, he also regrets he did not know about the legal rights and union.

2. David was working in Olympia office. He was a neighbour to one of our union members (Ram). When Ram called him to ask whether he is affected, he said everything is fine. Infact, he did not want his young family to know about this shocking news, and later he had contacted Ram and narrated his experience. He spoke to us also.

On Tuesday, many people were escorted by security personnel in plain clothes. That created a lot of commotion among employees. That made the management to change the approach slightly it seems.

David was escorted by SPM to  HR at around 12.30 pm. He was informed that due to organization restructuring this will be his last day in the company. SPM explained that he will be given one month salary for year of service which is tax deductible. He was asked to sign a pre-typed format which stated that “I am resigning from ____”.

He was afraid that if he refuses they will terminate his services and or use physical measures. Hence, he did not question and signed.


As per Industrial Disputes Act 1947, this action of Verizon is Illegal. Affected employees should file grievance petition under section 2A of ID Act against this illegal and forced resignations.

Dozens of affected employees from Wipro and Cognizant have filed grievance petitions. Please contact NDLF IT Employees Wing  – 9003198576

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