Trump or Clinton? US voters and the world face a terrible choice!

Excerpts from an article (published in a Trotskyist website about the US presidential elections – America the Great, Good, and Stupid

hellar-trumpOn Sunday (October 9, 2016) evening, the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees met at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri for their second televised debate. Millions watched in astonished amusement and horror as the cream of the crop of American politics plumbed new depths of perfidy and mediocrity.

Trump and Clinton are truly the best the US ruling class can come up with.

Trump’s morality merely expresses the morality of capitalism: rapacious, bullying, racist, sexist, and demeaning. But it is inconvenient for ruling class attitudes such as this to be aired publicly—they are normally reserved for corporate board rooms, cabinet and war room meetings, and masked orgies at secluded mansions.

But for all his crudeness and bald-faced lies, Donald Trump occasionally speaks more than a grain of truth. This is why the ruling class hates him: he is a capitalist out for himself, with no regard for his class as a whole. As a loose cannon, he threatens to expose the system’s nudity.

Trump is not the cause of the instability of US capitalism; he is merely its reflection.

The dearth of competent capitalist leadership is ultimately a reflection of the senility of the system. The capitalist class no longer has a historical mission or purpose. This is the real meaning of the quagmire of cynicism, pessimism, and ineptitude in which they find themselves. Their political impotence is a function of their systemic inability to deal with the crisis.

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