Unethical Labour Practice by Wipro

While Azimji was busy with giving press release on the values of Labour laws and how he is shocked to know that various state governments are relaxing the labour laws against the welfare of workers, Wipro management was wallowing in the mire by forcing its employees to go on leave without pay.

It has come to our notice that Wipro Management has sent a mail to almost all its employee on bench that HR tried to reach the employee through mail/phone. And that as there is no response received back from the employees, management puts the employees on leave from immediate effect.  The mail also says that after total leave of the employee elapses, they will be put on Loss of Pay.


Azim Premji Bats for Worker Rights

Azim Premji Bats for Worker Rights.


This mail is sent to all employees without even changing the subject. All these employees are having regular access to Wipro systems and they did not receive any calls/mails as claimed by the HR in the mail.

As part of Wipro last quarter result announcement, Wipro HR Head Mr Saurabh Govil announced that part of Wipro employees will be asked to go on leave and furloughs to cut cost. This follow up is sent with the wrong intention of putting employees on bench and slowly making them to resign

A Woman Wipro employee named Jeenamol Joseph aged 26 working as part of Cochin Wipro facility has committed suicide having been laid off from Wipro in the crisis situation.

As many as 300 employees in Wipro BPO, Pune has filed complaint against Wipro for keeping employees in bench and not paying salary. This is clear violation of the government notification dated Mar 31, which states that employers cannot reduce salaries or terminate employees during lockdown. On continuation of this, labour commission by the National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) has been sent to Wipro to make necessary amends or face legal action.

In addition, it is brought to our notice that Wipro is asking people in support role to get billability from client. It is very difficult to get new billability from client on this crisis situation. It also mentioned that if these people are not getting billability, they also will be sent to bench

It is very clear from Wipro move that it is not ready to abide with any legal laws. The intention of Wipro is very clear, i.e to bring employees into bench and cut their salaries. It will be very difficult for people who are placed in position without salary to get back to the work. Even if the company returns to normalcy, it will try to bring only billable employees and show to the outside world that company is operational with limited employees to meet social distancing. In due course of time, people in bench will be asked to move out by giving lesser stimulus packages.

Information technology sector is less affected among various sectors as many of the people are working from home and still company is getting revenues from the client. Company in the past has spent Rs 15,000 crores for share buybacks in the last few years and is generating high profits quarter on quarter. If such companies are indulging in these illegal activities, it is not acceptable at any cost

We strongly condemn Wipro activities and request Government intervention on immediate basis to stop this illegal, unethical activities by Wipro management

We also urge Wipro employees to refuse accepting the leaves and come forward to contact us if they come across such mails from move. Together we can make the success and it is the time to build strong union for our IT sector.

  • NDLF IT Employees Wing

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