When IT employees Unite, the Whole Country can be Transformed

New Democratic Labour Front – IT Employees Wing’s monthly meeting of members took place on 22 April 2017 at 11 AM at Thiruvanmiyur.
The meeting was presided by the union Organizer Com. Karpaga Vinayagam He started the meeting by highlighting the importance of this meeting taking place on the birth anniversary of Com. Lenin, one of the greatest leaders of Proletariat worldwide..

Meeting in support of the farmers

Protest meeting in support of Farmers near Ambedkar statue at Pallavaram organized by IT employees (File photo)

First the Organizer spoke about the Union activities in support of Tamilnadu farmers’ struggle. He explained about the planning
and execution of the protest by gathering in front of the offices at MEPZ and Tidal Park on the day of strike announced by the farmers’ associations. Then he narrated details of IT employees working at MEPZ going to police with the guidance of NDLF – IT Employees Wing, getting permission for a public protest meeting at Pallavaram and conducting it successfully.

1. About the farmers’ issue

Farmers’ crisis is not a problem of farmers alone. Many industries depend on the farming for their raw materials. The decline of farming will also impact the allied industries. In addition, we need food, irrespective of our work. What can we do without food? Being mute witnesses to the crisis in agriculture is akin to being a bystander to the destruction of our own future.

Those who were shying away from discussing politics discuss it these days. The youth and women are now interested in politics. But it is important to struggle against wrong political trends.

Today’s sorry state of the farmers is not something that happened suddenly. The ruling class has brought the agriculture to the brink of destruction on purpose. Only by understanding government policies that led to the destruction of the agriculture and fighting to block them, we can help farmers. Only after the imposition of the new economical policy in 1990s in our country, the farmers are facing such hardships and are pushed to the brink of death. Without changing these policies, we cannot save farmers, leave alone saving our lands. What is the role of IT employees in this mission?

2. Democracy that got exposed in RK Nagar

The futility of the electoral democracy in India was made more apparent by the drama of mid-term election in RK Nagar constituency was discussed. The election commission cancelled the election by foisting an image of this constituency alone affected with rampant money for vote culture. But what does the past experience say?

Modi & Subrata Roy

if the document seized during the raid by income tax officials were the basis for cancelling the election, the dairies caught during the income tax raid in Sahara and Birla groups, revealing the bribing of Modi the former CM of Gujarat, are equally relevant and sufficient for conviction

The issues faced by the common people are solved by no political party. The issues keep compounding. In such scenario, how should the people take this election?

First, what is election commission? Can we trust these officials who were corrupt and anti-people everyday to suddenly become honest on the declaration of the election and to conduct the election impartially?

What can these raids do? What happened to the cases of Anbunathan, Ram Mohan Rao, etc caught on previous raids? Forgetting all these incidences, the election commission today says that the money has been distributed in that constituency, cancels the voting and there by acting in the interest of the BJP.

In our country, giving money for vote is not in any way a new phenomenon. Periyar himself has written in his daily news paper on this issue prevalent during the elections of those years (1930s). In India, elections have never been conducted honestly and it has never been for people.

In addition, if the document seized during the raid by income tax officials were the basis for cancelling the election, the diaries caught during the income tax raid in Sahara and Birla groups, revealing the bribing of Modi as the former CM of Gujarat, are equally relevant and sufficient for prosecution. But they were dumped aside by the Modi’s government. Supreme Court itself has refused to take them into consideration. But in Tamilnadu, the election commission cancels the election itself, based on similar proof.

Is this the rule of law? Are these officials going to conduct fair poll?

Some people say innocently that if honest people like Sahayam come to power, everything would become fine. We can appreciate the honesty of an individual like Sahayam. But, at the same time, the country is ruled by hundreds of IASs and IPSs out of which only a handful are honest. Even they cannot do anything from enforcing the anti-people policies of the government.

Can a district collector declare that he won’t allow TASMAC within the area of his jurisdiction or won’t enforce national water policy in order to protect the water bodies in his jurisdiction?

Let's unionize

“to face the current issue of illegal lay-off in IT sector, the prerequisite is the union of the employees”

Important thing to note is what the Sahayam’s fans are proposing? De-silting the lakes, digging wells etc ourselves etc is their idea. In short, what they purport to say is that we can’t do anything against those who exploit the natural resources of the country, those who are against the interest of the people and that it is we who have to take care of our locality. Can they cancel the Hydrocarbon project following their strategy? Could they block the
Koodankulam atomic plant? Could they punish the granite robbers?

3. How do we face the CTS lay-off?

Finally, we took up the issue of illegal lay-off and salary decrement by CTS and asked our Union’s advocate how our Union can face these issues.

He gave examples of how our union dealt such scenarios in various industrial sectors. He emphasized that we cannot entirely rely on the law and officials and that they are sure to ditch us. He said we need therefore to think out of box and gave us some such examples. He explained how corporates and labour officials act in unison against the interests of the employees and what the Union did to foil their machinations.

We cannot get solution if we follow the path shown by them in the law. We have to come up with new solution from the practices that are specific to that particular sector or company. He stressed that in order to face the current issue of illegal lay-off in IT sector, the prerequisite is the union of the employees.

We ourselves are not aware of the strength of IT employees. This sector that unites the entire world brings together the employees from all states. If we strengthen ourselves by unionizing we can bring about revolutionary changes in our country.

Our union meeting takes place on third Saturday of every month. Those who have not participated in it so far are requested to plan now itself to attend the next one. Those who participated are requested to come up with suggestions to improve the meeting proceedings and to spread the Union far and wide.

– Notes by Pravin
– Translation by Nesan

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