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Unionize to Fight for Job Security – Meme

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    Hello Friends,
    In India lots of job scarcity is there and population of india is also a big challenge to get a job.Many job registration organizations are failed to provide job or job information. At the same time some prestigious jobs of our country are accepting to compete for job like IAS,Administrative jobs like class-I officers with no such career restriction apart from age. There is no discrimination and should not be any discrimination. All over India in different universities the exam pattern/Syllabus/mode of exams are different.So some of us might have scored below 60% some where 15 years back.

    Then in IT industries some companies are discriminating us showing blow reasons.
    1-There should be 60% mark in all academic careers.
    2-There should not be any career Gap
    3-Employee should be present in the same city.

    Don’t you think it is a discrimination practiced by many IT companies. If they are getting tax relaxation from govt to provide job then why such discrimination. Are they taking us to keep for 60 yrs. Is there any pension given by them for life living. Then why such discrimination

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