US Lawsuit Against TCS Discrimination

TCS is in the news for a lawsuit against them in US. After Trump came to power he is putting pressure on Indian IT majors to hire more Americans in America. This lawsuit predates Trump administration.

TCS is one of zero debt, consistent profit delivering company in Tata group. The legal complaint against TCS was about employee discrimination in America. A group of former TCS American employees sue TCS for discrimination against him.

Economic Times writes
“The men suing TCS allege discriminatory hiring practices and seek explanation why as much as 79 percent of its U.S. workforce is South Asian when that group makes up only 12.5 percent of the relevant labor market in U.S.

But the company contends it is misleading to include employees hired in India to work temporarily and “legally” in the U.S., many with H1-B visas for specially skilled employees. It also says more than 40 percent of its job applicants are South Asians and that not everyone is keen on working for an India-based company or willing to relocate to take a job.”

In India they rarely face lawsuits against them from employees for any worker abuse or rights complaints. When TCS tried to lay off thousands of employees only few Indian employees went to court.The IT majors in India have no transparent employee policies. The fear they created in the mind of IT employees make them more safe compared to American employees, when they indiscriminately fire employees and threaten them to throw away in a matter of minutes they know no legal action is going to threaten them.

In America such things will not escape like here. In recent episode like Tech Mahindra HR threatens the employee for forced resignation they will face heavy fines and legal action against company.

Before Trump came to power there was not much trouble for Indian IT companies using H1B visa holders.

The reason for favoring Indian employees is known to every one associated with IT industry. The company need not provide as much salary compared to American employees; Indian worker can be made to work long hours.

When Trump came to power, the companies are forced to hire more Americans. TCS claimed Americans are not interested in working for India based companies and most of the people came from h1b are skilled labor force. But the people in the industry knows what these companies are doing.

They are exporting people similar to our skilled workmen going to Middle East for construction jobs. When compared to US technology employees Indian IT workers can be exploited in many ways.

If this lawsuit is classified as class action suit it will open new cases against other Indian IT majors also. The case is now going for trial by jury.

IT employees in India face frequent layoffs in recent years. The days are gone when we accept the humiliation they are forcing on us. There is no point accepting this and move on to another company.

American employees or Indian employees, companies don’t think about them. For them profit is god. They will do whatever they want for profit. When IT employees stop fearing them and start fighting, then the companies will mend their ways. After all, we are the one who feed them through our hard work.

– Tipu

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