Verizon Barbaric Treatment during Pinkslipping of Workforce

We published a message about Corruption in mail room  from Deepak Vasudevan in September 2017. Now he has taken the initiative to report the barbaric treatment of employees by Verizon India to Verizon Alert line, Senior Leadership in Verizon Communications Inc. (USA), NASCOM offices  all over India, as well as to Ministry of Labour.

Let us see what action they take.

Verizon India is indulging in barbaric activities during the process of Pinkslipping its workforce

Hello Team,

Verizon’s India operations (otherwise called as Verizon Data Services India VDSI) is involving in barbaric ways of pinkslipping employees by hiring goondas to force its workforce to sign the resignation and then kicking them off the premises.

The comprehensive news report is covered here .

from the report

“They simply said that they were going to fire me. So, I had to either sign documents saying that I resign or they will forcefully terminate me,” alleges Anand. The employee was not even given time to read the entire document before signing it. “I refused to sign, demanded some time to think over it and started getting up to leave. That is when the bouncers came in,” he explains.

He was allegedly made to sit down forcefully despite protesting against the violation of his rights. “The bouncers pushed me back into my chair and held me by my shoulders till I signed the document. It was an awful experience and I can’t begin to tell how demeaning it was,” says Anand, adding, “It was not like I was on the bench, I was performing and they treated me in this terrible manner.”

This was also confirmed through a survey of VDSI workforce from Chennai. A copy of the news in PDF is enclosed along with this note for your info.

  • A copy of the message has been sent to Verizon Alertline (Report Number and PIN being confidential have been blurred in the image)
  • A copy of the report is also being sent to the Senior Leadership in Verizon Communications Inc. (USA).
  • A copy of this report has been to Ministry of Labor via CpGrams to MOLBR/E/2017/09714

– Deepak Kumar Vasudevan

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