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    • Arun on October 9, 2018 at 4:14 am

    Well, I’ve been moved to Infosys and I work out of the Ashburn office in VA.
    Practices by Verizon over the years have been shady at best. During the strike, they deleted my medical exemption and assigned me to strike duty. While I had restrictions to lift anything over 15 lbs, they put me in jobs that requires carrying a 50 lb. ladder. I posted about this and a SVP answered a thread assuring it was a mistake and guess what, the thread in the forum disappeared. I’m pretty sure a lot of shit happened during strike training and strike duty. Everything was masked including a death!!! Threads about those vanished too! Verizon acted like the mafia!
    I foresaw all this happening. However, I had at least thought I’d get the severance for the 14 years I’ve served the company and will be sent out gracefully. Loyalty means nothing these days I guess. Verizon…no class!!!

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