Verizon Layoff : Whose Company It is Anyway?

The Deccan Chronicle December 14th issue writes about recent Verizon layoff in their news headline as “Hyderabad: Verizon throws out 300 in mass layoff“.

From the DC report

A retrenched employed said, “They checked if I initiated a recording on my phone. I was informed of the termination. I resisted the termination, but the doctor counselled me that this is the best offer. Had I resisted further, they would have manhandled me. They gave back my phone and asked me to leave, without letting me to get to my desk.”

Verizon throws people out of their workplace! Verizon hired bouncers to threaten employees to get their resignation. They are people, not useless objects used for corporate consumption and thrown out like garbage.

Without employees, Verizon or any other corporate office is only a collection of non-living building, furniture, computers and other equipment. Only the employees give life to these products of past labour, and create value for themselves and for the company. Still corporates consider the building and computers as their property and throws out the life giving employees from their work place.

Layoffs are going on in Indian IT companies like Tech Mahindra, Wipro and many more. When the audio of HR threatening Tech Mahindra employees went viral, the Chairman of the company Mahindra offered his apologies for the incident.

Verizon has not released any apology for the treatment of their employees. They released a statement “Market reality is marked by fierce competition.” They are concerned with the market reality. They are not concerned about the people they fired. They have no value in their sense.

Bernie Sanders

In April 2016, the US democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joined striking Verizon workers in Times Square.

The market reality Verizon speaks about is not reflected in the compensation given to top management. An article in Huffington Post says that the top four executives’ salary in Verizon between 2013-2015 is $114 million. In 2015 alone it amounts to $41 million to just four people. Verizon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lowell C. McAdam’s salary is raised to $23.1 million in April 2016, from $18.3 million in 2015. He is definitely not going to concern himself about the market reality which is used by the company to destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of Indian (and US) employees. He may enjoy his year-end holiday in some private expensive club in the Caribbean, all made possible by the toil of millions of working people.

In April 2016, the US democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders joined striking Verizon workers in Times Square. He gave his support to the striking employees. Verizon workers were represented by Communication Workers of America union.

As reported in NBC News, Sanders said, “Verizon is cutting workers’ health care benefits while paying CEO Lowell McAdam $18 million in salary and compensation. The CEO makes more than 300 times the salary of average workers.”

Communication Workers of America

Verizon workers were represented by Communication Workers of America union.

There is no difference between Indian worker and the American worker as far as corporate greed is concerned. Nowadays more and more of workers’ rights are thrown aboard for corporate profit greed.

The corporate media write time and again that India’s GDP growth is lagging only because of labour legislation which protect the rights of workers. They are not ready to treat workers as human beings. They want to treat workers like slaves.

In history, no right is given to workers without struggle.

In the corporate owned India we were made to believe that growth is the cure for all the ills of our society. But that growth is only meant for Ambanis and Adanis. The government is not worried about the farmers and workers.

There is no more comfort zone. The coming days will see more layoffs until we raise our voice and fist.

We are the one who with our hard work earn them their billions. We also have the power to create our own world. The day we realize that and join as a union to fight back the corporates will not have the power to throw us from our workplace.

– Raj

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