Blitzkrieg by Verizon : Experience of a IT worker

Employees working for the US multinational Verizon met with surprise attack by the company this week. 1000s of employees who came to work as usual were fired with immediate effect and escorted to their homes.

An employee working for a supplier of Verizon who witnessed the aftermath of the sudden layoffs narrates his experience. (audio in Tamil)

Recorded on 13-12-2017

Rough English translation of the speech

I work for a IT MNC in Chennai. I have been working in this sector for 6 years. I worked for service provider companies such as TCS, HCL, CTS etc. These companies provide software development or support services to MNC clients like Amex, Verizon, Citi Bank etc.

Recently, I was assigned to a new project for US based MNC Verizon. Majority of Verizon employees who assign work to this project were Indians. There were either based in US or in India. In Chennai, Verizon has offices in RMZ (OMR) and Olympia Tech Park.

Till about 2-3 months back, I was allocated tasks from US. 2 months back this was changed and a manager from Hyderabad started allocating tasks to me. He has been working in Verizon for more than 10 years.

Whenever I have doubts or questions about the tasks allocated, he will patiently explain. Even though I have some difficulties in communicating in English, his manner of explaining things helped me a lot.

  • Day before yesterday (11-12-2017), I sent him an email asking doubts regarding one of the tasks assigned.
  • I again sent a reminder yesterday (12-12-2017). He was “away” till evening.
  • Today, he was offline the whole day.

By evening, I contacted one of his co-workers and asked about him

“What happened? He is away for 2 days, is he on leave?”

“No, he has left” he replied

“I don’t understand. Has he gone home? Did he come in the morning?”

“He won’t come” he said.

Only then it struck me. All the news about Verizon layoffs I have been reading about is here right in my working life

“Is he sent out?” I asked

He confirmed it.

I was shocked. Such a talented person, who is performing quite well is sent out without any reason? What is happening? What they want?

What will happen to the employee? Can he find a job in another company after 10 years of experience in the present company? Is it possible in IT sector?

IT sector is functioning without any conscience, a total anarchy for the employees. To put an end to this, we should join together as union. In my opinion, there is no other way.


As this friend says, this kind of corporate terrorist attacks could be checked only by a strong union of IT employees. Bank employees, Transport employees, nurses, why even farmers who work in their own isolated fields have their own unions to fight for their rights.

IT employees with higher education and technical knowledge should join together as a trade union to change  the corporates and the state which is supporting them.

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