“We should be free to speak out and to organize” – US Workers

Tesla is a new age technology company manufacturing electric cars. Workers in the manufacturing facility in California are organizing themselves into a union.

Why? Read this 

“We’re tired of suffering preventable injury after preventable injury. It impacts morale, it slows down production and it’s of course traumatizing,” said Michael Catura, a Tesla production worker.

Starting pay for production associates in the Fremont facility is $18 an hour, far below the national average for auto workers of $25.58 and even farther below the living wage in Alameda County, California, where the average wage is $28.10, according to the letter sent by workers.

“We should be free to speak out and to organize,”

Also read this discussion about the news. There is a lot of negative comments about unions and some supporting voices. A couple of comments.

“Join a Union. If you don’t you’ll just get picked apart by the companies expert lawyers. You can’t compete with them without help, they pay those guys too much. Their monthly salary’s more than your house’s worth. While you’re trying to make next month’s payment they’re screwing you out of the money you needed to make it.”

“I see a lot of apathy for Unions. Very sad. They gave you: Weekends off, eight hour work day, Holidays off. And a safer workplace. People died in the fight to start unions for you. If you like working 60 hours a week on a regular basis; keep on disliking unions”.

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