Why Tamil Nadu opposes NEET?

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A little girl named Anitha belonging to Kuzhumur village, Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu committed suicide on September 1, 2017.

She belongs to an oppressed caste, working class family. She lost her mother at early age. Her father is a daily wage labourer.

She had dreams of becoming a doctor and scored 1177 out of 1200 in +2 exams studying in a state board school. She scored 100% in Maths and Physics.

But, she could not afford coaching for NEET which was based on CBSE syllabus which is unfamiliar to her. But NEET was imposed by the Central government and Supreme Court for medical admissions.

Her dreams shattered, she decided to end her life as a message to us all.

This series of posts on Anitha’s suicide and NEET are based on a speech by Mr. Marudhaiyan of People’s Arts and Literature Association (PALA) and published in Vinavu.com. Those who know Tamil can view the videos of speech here.

We publish this in 12 parts with suitable explanatory comments for the benefit those from outside Tamil Nadu.

Please read and share your views. Please also spread this message to your friends circles widely.

– translated by Nesan

1. Debates on NEET – BJP, Krishnaswamy, ‘Educationalists’

Had Anitha not committed suicide, what would have happened? Had she participated in a television debate, what would have happened? Those who argue in support of now, what they would have argued?

“With 1176 marks, if you did not pass NEET, we doubt how you could have got that mark. You are unfit.” They would have said.

It is not imagination.

“Let the post-mortem report come and we will see.” This is Krishnasamy’s[1] statement. What will we know from post-mortem report? Does Krishnasamy expect the doctor to write that the NEET exam is the reason behind the suicide? He convened a press meet and told media that Anitha was pushed into suicide or murdered. He had demanded CBI enquiry.

K Krishnaswamy

Krishnaswamy tries to provoke others. In television debates, he abuses those who disagreed with him and challenged him

How can a human being degrade to such a level?

During Vinayaka idols processions organized by Hindu outfits, mobs of rowdies would throw stones at Muslim shops or mosques to provoke them.

Similarly Krishnaswamy tries to provoke others. In television debates, he abuses those who disagreed with him and challenged him. He wants to provoke the opponents to attack him so that he can get sympathy and support from his community.

All this is staged, directed by RSS.

Cental Minister Pon Radhakrishnan said “If you ask me who is responsible for her death, I would reveal the truth. Don’t provoke me unnecessarily.” As though he knows a big secret. The very criminals would threaten others. This is how RSS behaves. This is the manner they adopt after every murder they had committed.

  • Same thing happened to Rohit Vemula. They belittled his suicide. They claimed he does not belong to an oppressed caste. They even formed an enquiry commission to probe that.
  • They killed an old man named Akhlaq accusing him of possessing beef in his house which was actually mutton. They justified his killing.
  • Pehlu Khan was a milk man. They beat him to death right on the public road. BJP MLA of that constituency gave an interview in TV and said they need not be sorry for this lynching and warned that this is the fate that awaits those who ‘smuggle’ cows.
  • In Una, they tied up and attacked some oppressed caste men for having skinned a dead cow. Attackers recorded this ‘glorious’ act on their phones and spread it with pride. But the home minister of Gujarat denied outright that such an incident occurred.
  • Near Ariyalur, Nandhini was raped and killed by some rowdies of Hindu Munnani. What did BJP say? No such thing happened. They are not responsible.

But, Television channels call the very murderers and their representatives to talk in debates. And they blame the very victims. Seated along with them, there are few more with tags of neutral commentators, educationalists, and what-not.

They say it is unfortunate. Let bygones be bygone, let us carry on with the next steps. NEET can’t be avoided and let us prepare Tamilnadu students to face it. Let us upgrade our syllabus, etc.

Deliberately, they spread the idea that NEET is inevitable.

(Next 2. Should we accept corporate imposition?)

[Dr K Krishnaswamy is a politician heading a Dalit outfit in southern Tamil Nadu. Having struggled through his oppressed caste background, he availed the benefits of social justice movement in Tamil Nadu and went onto become a doctor. But of late he has surrendered to the Saffron camp, on the footsteps of Ram Vilas Paswan in Bihar and Udit Raj (earlier Ram Raj), Ram Das Athawale in Maharashtra. Now, he supports NEET and opposes social justice]


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