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What is the qualification for becoming a good doctor? Is it scoring high in an objective questions based test? Is it scoring high marks in +2 exams?

What is the qualification for a mother? Any test score? It is the overwhelming love, concern and care for her children that makes a mother.

A doctor, a care giver is like mother to a patient. Care and concern for the future patients make a quality medical student, care and concern for the patient makes a great doctor. Care not based on the patient’s ability to pay, but their need for medical care, that decides the quality of good doctor.

This is the 10th part of “Why Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET” a series of posts on Anitha’s suicide and NEET. It is based on a speech by Mr. Marudhaiyan of People’s Arts and Literature Association (PALA), published in Vinavu.com.  The text of the speech has been translated into English by Nesan. Those who know Tamil can view the videos of speech here.

We publish this in 13 parts with suitable explanatory comments for the benefit those from outside Tamil Nadu.

Please read and share your views. Please also spread this message to your friends circles widely.

Here in India, NEET is devised for determining pan Indian ‘quality’?

Quality? Or Service mind? Which is important for a doctor? Are they not same for a doctor?

We, the people, what do we expect from doctors. What is the use of ‘quality’ as determined by NEET for us?

Let them treat Rajinikanth, Jayalalitha, Tata, and Birla with their NEET quality. Is it for them that our medical colleges are built with our tax money?

We need doctors who work for people.

  • When China was a socialist country, during the Cultural Revolution, there was a famous question, “Redness or Efficiency?” What do we need? Redness, that is, heart for public service? or efficiency? Their answer was heart for public service. Once someone has a heart to serve the majority of people, acquiring knowledge and talent is not a major hurdle.
  • In Cuba or socialist China [in the past], if one were to go to higher education in medical care, the first qualification is not the marks scored in school or in an entrance exam. Instead one would be enquired about how much one has worked for the community and then only academic standards considered and one would be admitted to higher education.

That is the scale they followed there. That is why medical care has progressed there.

  • Here while we are talking about NEET, even those educationalists opposing it brag about Miot, Apollo, etc and about foreigners coming to them to get cured. What is the use such pride?
  • Here in Chennai, in shopping areas, we have Coffee day shops, where 50 types of coffee are said to be available, each costing Rs 100, 120. But majority people take tea at 8 rupees. In what way we can be proud of having coffee day shops in our city?
Cuban Doctor

Cuban Doctors Arriving on a Mission In Sierra Leone in 2015

If Apollo offers high quality medical care, what do we care? What we need is doctors serving people. That is the first qualification. If you have that qualification, you don’t have to take even 1100 marks.

Like Tamilisai [Tamil Nadu state BJP President], even if you scored only 800 marks, we can admit you. But one should not talk like Tamilisai. Such persons should not be admitted even if they have 1300 marks out of 1200. This is our criteria. Let us train those who would serve.

Dr. Sivasankaran had said that “before NEET there were 15 admissions in medical colleges from Ariyalur. After NEET, there was none”. The chances of poor students from backward districts like Ariyalur having service mindedness is much higher than of someone coming from a privileged, urban background. If we use “Service Mindedness” as criterion, we will get hundreds of students like Anitha admitted to medical education. They would be ready to serve people.

Let us get it in writing. “I am here by dedicating myself to the public service, without going to work in America or in private hospitals.” Let us give them medical seat based on such undertaking.

Let us enact a law giving preference to the students studying in government schools. Why can’t we do it? Why shouldn’t we do it?

To Youyou

Nobel Prize winning Chinese Doctor Tu You You – working in Socialist China

Qualification and service mind are not two different things. They are one and the same. Ability to mug up +2 text books, or skill in tackling NEET is no qualification. The primary qualification is service mind. The urge to acquire knowledge will follow. Whoever is ready to serve our people in our country, let us train them.

The doctors produced from out taxes, why they go to America? Whether it is IIT or medical college, if someone educated in our colleges goes to America and is working as CEO of Pepsi, or CEO in Google, in what way we can be proud of it? What do our people get from them?

If you say nothing less than Basmati is acceptable to you, why are you coming to share our ration rice. You go that side. If you want to serve the people, come this side. You get seat.

Anyone who is after money, only after money, they have never been a great scientist. The great scientists conduct scientific research, not because how much money they can make out of it, It is to unravel the mystery of nature, for the sake of bringing some benefit to the human kind or to satiate ones thirst for knowledge. This holds good to every field, including medicine.

Government hospitals conduct many rare operations. Incurable diseases are cured. Why do those doctors do that? First, to serve the people. Then, this is the challenge to us from nature. They take up that challenge.

If anyone calculates what they are going to profit from it, they are not going to dedicate themselves and work for it. This is the rule.

Thus, we should clear all our misconceptions about qualification.

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