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corporate hospital beats for profits, the focus shifts from patient’s illness to her finances. Every test, every injection, every breath is measured and administered after money is deposited with the cashier.

Can anyone call this health care? These corporate hospitals are real horror chambers, with sterilised, air-conditioned rooms, that’s all.

This is the 11th part of “Why Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET” a series of posts on Anitha’s suicide and NEET. It is based on a speech by Mr. Marudhaiyan of People’s Arts and Literature Association (PALA), published in  The text of the speech has been translated into English by Nesan. Those who know Tamil can view the videos of speech here.

We publish this in 13 parts with suitable explanatory comments for the benefit those from outside Tamil Nadu.

Please read and share your views. Please also spread this message to your friends circles widely.

‘Corporate hospitals are good. Private hospitals are good. What do the doctors there do?’

Let them be “NEET passed”. Let them be gold medallists. After higher education, they work around 40 years. Except for a few exceptions, are they upgrading themselves according to the developments in their field?

Medical reps come to see doctors, show new medicine, request more prescriptions, offering commission for high cost medicines, commission from scan centres. Not only they earn through these, they fail to be true to their profession and science. Can such persons be experts in their field?

Only socialised health care works

China – “Barefoot Doctors” in1970s. Health indicators of Chinese population is much higher compared to ours.

In 2015, Nobel for medicine was awarded to a Chinese female doctor named Tu Youyou. While accepting the award what she said was very important.
“We were a team which did the research. We could do it only through collective effort. Human kind has done most of the things out of collective effort only.”

Are they any way deficient in knowledge? In western countries, they see it as the achievements of individuals. For the sake of this research, that doctor had worked in the team away from her child for a long time. After testing the medicine on rats, when it was time for testing on human beings, they tested it on themselves. This is not a very ancient story. This is the history of a doctor in 2015.

Without such sacrifice and service mind, one cannot be an expert. Who else is better than her?

  • Why Cuba is in forefront of medical care? Ebola virus attacks Africa. In relation to India, can Cuba be one twentieth? How many doctors went to Africa from US and India? Cuban doctors queued up to volunteer. Only the number of visas was limiting. You may have to sacrifice your own life. Ebola is such disease. You may not return alive. How come they had such serving heart?
  • When America was attacked by Hurricane Katrina, Cuban doctors went there.

There is no worse deception than differentiating service mind and qualification. If you don’t have serving heart, you cannot progress in any field.

Why do we want to make Anitha a doctor?

Had Anitha became a doctor, she is more likely to serve people. When such students become doctors, Ariyalur region or any other remote region would get medical service.

She is a daughter of a load man, a girl from oppressed caste. She has experienced what is hunger, deprivation, pain, etc. Had she became a doctor, she is more likely to serve people. When such students become doctors, Ariyalur region or any other remote region would get medical service.

Even today, which doctors are held in high esteem by people? Those doctors who charge 5 / 10 rupees. When such a doctor passed away in Coimbatore, thousands of people participated in funeral procession.

Those who don’t come forward to serve the people cannot be experts. We don’t need such qualified skillful doctors. We should end the misconceptions about qualification and skill. We should not fall prey to such machinations. Please don’t take this as a preaching for good conduct.

How Tamil Nadu progressed in medicine?

If Tamil Nadu has progressed in medicine, it is not only because we have many medical colleges. It is because government hospitals, doctors serving in them and their quality are at significant level.

How do one get job in corporate hospitals which they brag about? It is based on learning acquired by serving in the government hospitals. Tamil Nadu could establish such a setup. The countries which excel in medical care, hygiene, etc have established only such setup.

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