Should we accept imposition on our rights?

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This is the 4th part of “Why Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET” a series of posts on Anitha’s suicide and NEET. It is based on a speech by Mr. Marudhaiyan of People’s Arts and Literature Association (PALA), published in  The text of the speech has been translated into English by Nesan. Those who know Tamil can view the videos of speech here.

We publish this in 12 parts with suitable explanatory comments for the benefit those from outside Tamil Nadu.

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2. Should we accept imposition on our rights?

If anyone thinks that NEET is inevitable, they need not feel sorry for Anitha. What does her suicide show us? It shows her opposition to the unjust selection method called NEET. The suicide is also one form of protest. So whoever is ready to oppose this injustice, whoever is ready to jump into the battle field to fight it out, only their tears are real. Others are just shedding crocodile tears.

If we are to accept every imposition, where is the end?

This is how a decision was imposed on Tamilnadu in Cauvery dispute.

Same in GST, Hindi imposition, Sanskrit imposition, Communal riots, Beef ban, Cattle sale ban.

  • Primary schools are going to be handed over to private players.
  • In the same way. They are going to give 30% medical seats to private.
  • Same imposition. Abolishing the ration shops, ditto.
  • Neduvasal, Kathiramangalam, ditto.

If you give in to everything, why do you feel sorry?

Their calculation is simple. People would make a hue and cry for a few days and then they will get tired.

If we take offensive position and expose their hypocrisy, they will attack you; they will abuse you to make you retreat. But, today the whole of Tamil Nadu has risen as one and spits on their faces.

More people, more than those gathered for Jallikattu, or for Eelam issue, more common people have spoken against Modi’s cental government and his stooge Edapadi’s government in the state. This threatens them. They want to divert people and make use of those like Krishnaswamy to provoke us. We should not succumb to their designs.

What should we do? We should reject their authority to decide the rating. We should reject their concern for our merit. That is important.

In this issue, whether it is BJPians or intellectuals belonging to dominant castes, what is their argument?

‘Whole country has accepted NEET. How can Tamilnadu alone have a different way?’

This is their question. Court also raised the same question. As though all these things came into being as per due process. Today even those who support Anitha say that Nirmala Sitharaman promised exemption for one year and that she had not kept her word.

Now what happened? 99% money is back. They have become silent.

Does it happen for the first time? Saying one thing and going back later is not new for BJP and RSS.

  • What did they do in Cauvery issue? They accepted to constitute management board and next day back tracked.
  • Before elections Sushma Swaraj came here in person and assured that Fishermen’s issue will be resolved. Now they say nothing can be done.
  • No need to explain the issue of demonetization. Modi was asking for 3 days. 4 days, ten days, and so on. He asked people to hang him if it turned out to be failure. Now what happened? 99% money is back. They have become silent.
  • What did they do in Babri Masjid issue? The told the court that they want to just sing bhajans, but went there with crow bars and demolished the mosque.
  • Before election they promised 15 lakhs each from the black money in foreign banks. After election, Amit Shah says it is just a campaign stunt and nothing serious.
  • Modi promised creation of 2 crore jobs every year. What is happening? Not even a lakh jobs are created. Now Modi is speaking about making people owners instead of job seekers.
  • They said they would implement the M S Swamynathan committee recommendation of fixing minimum support price of agricultural commodities at one and half times the cost of inputs. But in court BJP’s lawyer said that Swamynathan committee price fixing cannot be enforced anywhere in this world. But, elsewhere Modi is promising doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

Their words mean nothing. They keep going back on their words. They would not even feel sorry for what they said. They would deny it completely. They would say they never said that. Such dishonest people.

In Aadhar case, for three years, they were telling that the right to privacy is not a fundamental right. When a 9 judge bench was formed and arguments were going on, solicitor general KK Venugopal says they accept right to privacy. When the judges wondered whether the government was reversing its stand. Then government solicitor asks for time and next time he says the government accepts right to privacy but subject to conditions.

We are ruled by a dishonest mob.

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