Private Grabbing of People’s Assets

This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET

This is the 9th part of “Why Tamil Nadu Opposes NEET” a series of posts on Anitha’s suicide and NEET. It is based on a speech by Mr. Marudhaiyan of People’s Arts and Literature Association (PALA), published in  The text of the speech has been translated into English by Nesan. Those who know Tamil can view the videos of speech here.

We publish this in 13 parts with suitable explanatory comments for the benefit those from outside Tamil Nadu.

Please read and share your views. Please also spread this message to your friends circles widely.

Private Education Mafia

  • In Kerala, after NEET exam, private colleges have raised their fees from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 11 lakh. Students went to high court. This court should have asked how can they demand Rs 11 lakh instead of the 5 lakh fixed by the government. But it asked students to pay Rs 11 lakh till a decision is made.
  • In Pondicherry, Kiran Bedi went to a private college and played some antics. But they replied clearly. “I will collect what I collect. If not, I am ready to close the college.” This is the reply given by a medical college in Pondicherry.
  • What is the important recommendation of Modi’s NITI Aayog? There should be no interference in private college fees.

Coaching Centre Industry

Then what is the purpose for which this exam is brought. For the robbery of CBSEs and coaching centres.

  • Last year it was Rs 10,000. After NEET was confirmed, it is Rs 40,000. CBSE schools are giving NEET coaching. They claimed there won’t be any malpractice in PG. But we saw the frauds with computer. It is only after NEET. So, there is nothing like a quality NEET.
  • Entrance exam itself  is not scientific. This has been proven throughout the world. In many television debates, experts speak with proofs and data. They use IITJEE exam for the admission to IIT.

They say it is an industry of Rs 24,000 crore. If Rs 24,000 crore for IIT alone, what is the sum for Medical. What is for Engineering? Soon they will bring entrance exams to each and every discipline and lakhs of crores will be made. They are laying the foundation for it.

What was before NEET? Namakkal broiler farm schools. They claimed to prepare the students in 2 years, similar to preparing body builders with steroid injections. Now single injection. NEET exam. More perverted and meaner than the former. Healthy education means the students imbibe the education, knowledge gradually. That is why, NEET is wrong even scientifically. Its aim is unnatural.

Grabbing Public Wealth by Private Profit Hunters

Why do they circle over Tamil Nadu like eagles do?

  • In Tamil Nadu there are 22 government medical colleges. In addition, one in Annamalai university. In Modi’s Gujarat model, there are only 6 medical colleges in total. Like Tamilnadu, no where else there are so many government colleges. Speciality seats are also more here.
    Their aim is to capture these seats.
  • This is a robbery similar to river sand robbery. Tamil Nadu is in the plains. It is from here sand is sent to Kerala, Andhra, northern states and even overseas.
    Similarly here, we have created a basic infrastructure in medical care. However shrill they shout about the corruption of Dravidian rule, this is where such infrastructure is built. One medical college and medical college hospital per district. This is the guideline of World Health Organisation. Tamil Nadu is the only state in which that guideline has been implemented to the maximum extent.
    Their aim is to swindle it. NEET is a back door entry to such a swindle.

who is concerned about not being able to buy property in Kashmir? It is the problem of Adani, Ambani, Natham Viswanathan, Vijayabaskar, Edapadi, etc.

Currently there is an issue going on in Kashmir. A case has been filed seeking constitutional amendment. Under section 35A of the constitution, buying property in Kashmir by those not born there or not belonging to the state is forbidden. The case asks for removal of this section.

What do the BJPians say? This is one India. Why can’t we buy property there?

Who is bothered about not being able to buy property in Kashmir? In my native village, where many generations have lived, I can’t buy a plot of ten by ten feet. There are no lands for farmers. This is the issue for the overwhelming majority of the people.

Then, who is concerned about not being able to buy property in Kashmir? It is the problem of Adani, Ambani, Natham Viswanathan, Vijayabaskar, Edapadi, etc.

They are after something in Kashmir and therefore they want to go there.

Similarly Tamil Nadu has something they want. And NEET is an arrangement to loot it.

Similarly all the opportunities available all over India should be looted. That is the desire of broker capitalist, capitalist proprietors and dominant caste groups.

The capitalist of US and Germany want to buy property in India. To address this desire, they have devised ideas like globalization and international quality.

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