Wipro : Future Employee Policies – from a Well Wisher

Please refer the article on Moneycontrol about our company policy for sending employees out as part of appraisal process:

Under the earlier appraisal policy, employees rated ‘More Contribution Expected’ (MCE) for two consecutive years could be asked to leave. On May 10 , the company’s human resource department sent out a mail which said: “MCE rating for two consecutive years is a mark of non-performance of an employee. All consequent appraisals of these employees will be blocked and separation process will be initiated for them. Nevertheless, the organization reserves the right to initiate the separation process for employees who are rated MCE for one year, irrespective of the rating the previous year. For Geos other than India, laws of the land shall take precedence and action will be taken in alignment with those laws.”

Now we can expect more such policies from Wipro’s corporate overlords. Here are some future announcements we can expect from Wipro :

  • “It is observed that employees who are married spend less than 12 hours in the company. So Wipro reserves the right to force employees to divorce their spouse to continue working in the company.
    This not only makes the employees work more than 12 hours in the company, but it reduces the employee’s cost of living which will be useful when they are terminated later.
    If any employee refused to divorce their spouse, divorce letter will be automated and send directly through new Bots developed as part of our organization’s initiative”
  • “Following out successful WASE and WiSTA programs where students are made to study and work simultaneously, we are inducting students who are pass or fail in 10th standard and offering them Engineering jobs. People who failed in 10th standard will get better ratings in our appraisal system. We are also planning to expand this scheme to include 8th pass and 5th pass students to be a part of Wipro’s work force.”
  • “We have automated the process to create various bots which monitor employees work. This bot monitors how many hours an employee sits in his/her chair and do the work. If he leaves the chair, time will not be logged. So it is requested employee to sit 8.75 hours on their chair to improve productivity”
  • “Media is complaining that we are asking more pregnant ladies and new mothers to leave. When our Forced Divorce policy is successfully implemented, then nobody can blame us on this count unnecessarily”

We are confident the above measures will keep Wipro at the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility of delivering more and more money to the shareholders.

Forward-looking and Cautionary Statements

Certain statements in this release concerning our future growth prospects are forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks, and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements.

– a Well Wisher of Wipro


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    • Senior Wipro Employee on May 26, 2017 at 8:50 am
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    HCL is inducting 12th standard students for Engineering jobs. As per WiproHR head, companies are getting 100s of Engineers fpr doing BPO jobs. So even we get engineers, we are taking 12th students mean, this show high greediness of the companies. IT require younger bodies at cheaper rates and this shoe they can go to extent on doing this. Average 12th standard age will be 17 and can we say companies are taking minors and put them on engineering jobs. Are they going to be deployed in technology or bpo jobs. If they are going to use them in Bpo, is that clear exploitation of students career. Obviously companies will take students with more than 95%. These child join with lot of dreams and putting them in BPo jobs is exploitation or not. This is evident that IT companies can do anything for their profits

    • Priya on May 27, 2017 at 3:05 pm
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    The organization can provide urine sacks to employees thereby saving the time used to walk upto the rest room & come back to their desk.

    If the canteen subsidies still exist , it can be abolished as a measure of cost-cutting. If no subsidy , not many , esp. Junior level staff cannot afford !

    Divorce is a good option. And the staff can be encouraged to have more children , so the parents stay longer in office , slog & die in their chair for paying school fees

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