Wipro Layoffs – ”Expected progression, told to resign as part of band inertia”

We published a communication about Wipro’s Band Inertia plan on May 3, 2017 followed by several other posts. We have been contacted by  many affected employees. The WhatsApp group created on May 6 2017 for the Wipro employees has 51 Wipro employees now. About 30 employees sent their employment details (name, employee no, Wipro Mail ID and their status) to us by email.

We give below experience of some of the employees (removed personal identification information)

Wipro Band Inertia

“There is no growth in organization, so we are forcing you to resign”

1. 12 years of work and forced resign by HR

I joined the company on [more than 12 years back] as Senior Software Engineer. Gradually I gained experience in [snipped] and became Technical Lead. I worked in various locations and worked in day and night shifts towards the growth of the organization. Even though I have gained good knowledge in job, I have been asked to resign the job due to no growth in the organization.

I was selected for a project, when supervisor initiated allocation request after getting approvals. When allocating they found system error.

I have got meeting invite from HR stating as below:

“This meeting is scheduled to discuss with you on your performance and career in Wipro. This is a mandatory discussion, so please plan to meet HR [snipped] in person”

On [snipped] conversation happened between me and HR

HR 1 : You have been in this organization since [snipped] Right? This meeting is nothing to do with appraisal. There is no growth in organization and your career. Hence organization decided to follow a strategy on giving Golden handshake to you with 2 months’ notice with salary and we will give experience letter / service letter.

Me : Why should I leave organization? I got the project and the project manager is ready to allocate me. I sought HR support for project tagging, but you are forcing me to resign.

HR 1 : There is no growth in organization, so we are forcing you to resign.

Me : Find any suitable position for me even if it has less salary, I am ok for that.

HR 1 : That is not possible.

Me : I have personal issues. I have two children studying in school. I have to pay school fees and other commitments. That’s why I have not demanded role/band progression so far. My family is depending on my salary. I I lose this job, I will be in trouble to run my life.

Wipro Labour Law

“Are you talking about labour law? Then we have to initiate termination immediately.”

[HR told me to resign immediately, so I requested for compensation]

HR 2 : No, no option at all.

Me: This is not a demand, by considering my personal constraint, I request you to consider a compensation for no of service per month basis (politely)

HR 2 : Are you talking about labour law? Then we have to initiate termination immediately.

HR 1 : You have to exit right now and your notice period start from today for 2 months with salary and we will issue an experience/service letter.

Me : I need to discuss with my family also. First of all I need to overcome my mindset about this shocking news.

HR1, HR2 : No you have to submit the exit form by end of today/tomorrow morning. Your notice period starts from today and ends with [snipped]. If you don’t termination process will be initiated.

After this statement call has been closed. I have not resigned yet. After 3 dyas, my appraisal got closed with MCE (Low rating). I have not got this rating previously.

2. “Responsibilities on the shoulders of this so tagged non performer”

MS Practice, put into non performer bucket, two rounds of discussions with L1 and one round of HR discussion done, L1 Manager says there is no specific reason, but management had done optimisation hence my name was listed.

I was shocked at their decision and requested for a detailed justification for the decision taken against me. HR directed to discuss with Business Managers and conclude.

Waiting to discuss with L2 Manager. L1 currently on week long vacation leaving all responsibilities on the shoulders of this so tagged non performer. 🙂

3.”Expected progression, told to resign as part of band inertia”

I have completed 10.5 of service in Wipro technologies. Yesterday, HR called me and told to resign as part of band inertia initiative.

I have done well for my project. I expected progression. But, appraisal rating was purposefully put as UC(Unsatisfactory Contribution). It is surprise for Customer too. Talked to my program director. He also said it is very late. And his scope is very limited. Since it is based on performance based. It is based on band inertia.

Wipro Forced Resignations

“my L1 supervisor said that she has done this to me because there are compulsions from higher level management. That’s the reason she given me unsatisfactory.”

4. “filthy comments” in appraisal

I have been working in Wipro since 4.10 years. I have joined as a WASEian. Presently, I am working as a Tester. In the recent Q4 appraisal they have given forcibly UnSatisfactory (which applies to my whole annual appraisal) giving filthy comments as logging efforts, Comm. skills are not good, need to focus on trend nxt.

There are times where I extended my time to complete the extra work they said to complete within the time limits. My L1 supervisor has overridded the comments of my Additional Supervisor. With whom I actually work. He said he given HVC. However, My L1 Supervisor has just replaced all the star ratings and Comments he provided. Later my L1 supervisor said that she has done this to me because there are compulsions from higher level management. That’s the reason she given me unsatisfactory.

I don’t know when I will get a call or official mail from my HR to quit the company. Some how I am trying to prepare for interviews outside.

But what they have did to me is not really good. They wantedly did everything to save there buttering people to be in safe zone. Who are all not even worth for it.

5. ” told to submit my resignation by this week due to Band Inertia”

On 9th May, HR called me for a discussion with my previous L1 manager. Previous 3 quarters I was rated HVC but this quarter it was MCE. I have been told to submit my resignation by this week due to Band Inertia .

6. asked to resign because of being in same band (B3) for more than 5 years.

I am working for Wipro since 2008 (9+ years). I was asked to resign on ________ because of being in same band (B3) for more than 5 years.

We call upon all Wipro employees, especially those who were not affected by the current round of lay offs, to join together in large numbers and form a strong Employee Union.

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    • Jasprit on May 31, 2017 at 6:36 am
    • Reply

    Fortunately, I got offer before this incident happened and when the HR called me, I was ready to take the decision. I was with the company for more than 12 yrs.
    However, the shocking thing is not that the company is going to lay off 10-12% of workforce, some stuffs which got unearthed will make the whole IT world shocked and its same for other places.

    These are the conversations happened with one of the HR

    1. Pink Slip is region specific: Kolkata & Tamilnadu region will have smaller layoff because of Govt support and previous experiences of other companies like TCS. SO there is no question of appraisal there. A worst guy from Kolkata can continue in compare to a good guy from Bangaluru.

    2. Do you have a blessing? Almost all the people Prog Manager above levels are having support of top management. Top management getting fired ONLY if there is no personal relationship in the VP level supporting her/him. So expect that the worst qualities of DM, VPs, Sales still prevail there as garbage makes more garbage. One of the situation HR told that there is a DM who performed worst of all in last 5 yrs but is still continuing and enjoying application for Green Card via the blessings of EVP of one of the Vertical. Many such cases are there where talent is compromised with these nepotism.

    3. What is CEO’s Plan? Here comes the biggest question. Comparing other Service Industries CEOs, this is the first CEO and historically the unique one to have background of operations and BPO to run a big company. The purpose is not to go strategically but bottom up. Means, fire, cost cutting, no expenditure, cut in budget, no fundings no sponsorship. Typical BPO attitude!!
    Whenever there is a slip in the margin, he is convincing the board to do acquisition. Not all acquisitions will work. But the way the company is losing the market, its obvious that unless the chairman take out his support from the CEO, the fall and fall of the company cannot be changed.

    4. Market Branding went for toss: There are 2 major reasons for this. The company never invested in new technology and always believed in cheap work like services, support and maintenance. So no skillset. They are acquiring company with the specialized skillset but with a value of compromising at other places, Secondly, the previous employees experience & current massive lay off, company did not realize that it will bounce back to them as there are multiple cases where the ex employees became part of client or indirect decision/influencer and finally commented or rejected the company upfront. Last but not the least, why the downfall is written: Compare other companies growth in last 10 yrs and this company. You will realize that only the chairman is optimistic with some rosey vision but truth is that it will be a low hanging fruit for buyout by any company soon. Valuation not more than 6-7 Billion.

    • Siddharth Singh on June 11, 2017 at 10:33 am
    • Reply

    Employee harassment and exploitation are major concern in Indian and raising voice against cause poor appraisal rating.
    Government should make rule to form separate department for preventing employee from harassment & exploitation and member of this department should company’s management team along with few government officer and NGO members.

    • Narayanan S on June 18, 2017 at 6:33 pm
    • Reply

    Why make a big fuss? KFA employees dint got paid for long… Flights grounded… What happened to them? Dint the genx realize that they chose to be in Pvt sector for higher pay or job satisfaction or whatsoever and not govt sector where they get job security… Doesn’t the phase change every 3decades ? Haven’t they come across chemical engineers losing job ? Doesn’t your appointment order clearly state the clause n binding factor ? I know many don’t even read that but look only at salary breakup. More than half don’t even understand it. I have been in the same sector since mid 90s seen enough ups & downs. Instead of wasting time screaming & fighting, pls go learn what’s needed fast to support your dependants. US & UK people lost job to us in the last 2 decades. Had they done labour law, we wouldn’t have got jobs. Today it’s our turn. Our costs are no more low or moderate. A 6-figure salary is too big. Before the millennials learnt to walk properly they started to fly. So the landing is a crash. This slow down is essential. Life don’t end here & we need to survive. Think positive to work on your progress. Remember the slogan employees said to employer – “If you’re looking for loyal employee, go hire a dog” Employees can jump to their whims & fancy their chances but employees can’t huh? Pls take a deep breath, learn outta this & march forward. Am no Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg ! But just a fellow human like you all.

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