Wipro’s Layoff Plan: Senior Employee Prepares to Fight – 2 Months On!

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This is the update sent in by the senior wipro employee whose communication we published in in new-democrats.com 2 months back. As we already reported, that post alone has been read by nearly 2 lakh visitors. Many Wipro employees working in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and other places contacted NDLF. The WhatsApp group for affected Wipro employees has more than 100 members now.

As everyone understand now termination of an employee on performance grounds can be successfully challenged in labour court. Officials of labour department approached by IT employees advise so, and ask employees not to submit resignation which will make their case weak.  We should be prepared for a long fight, but the law is on the employees’ side on this issue.

NDLF IT Employees Wing encourages IT Employees to join the union and strengthen themselves.

I have posted an article on May 3rd about Wipro layoff plan. I had also mentioned that I was given MCE rating and planning to fight this. As we have entered July, I thought I will write on continuation of the above article to give an insight into what is happening overall :

HR bullying

threats HR used to humiliate employees

1)  For all the employees who are marked MCE, profile is locked in the system with N Star or B Star. Once the lock is added, employees cannot apply for any new projects and they are placed in free pool bench.

2)  For employees currently in projects, HR asks project team to release them and makes them come to bench.

3)  Employees get call from HR along with managers of appraisal. Managers mention issues like  performance and HR ask employee to submit resignation in the system.

4) If employee refuses to resign, following are the threats HR used to humiliate employees

  1. “You will not get a clean exit. We will make your profile blacklisted and in that case, you will not get relieving letter or experience letter”
  2. “It is not possible to get new job without relieving or experience letter”
  3. “If any verification request is received from any of the future employers of employee, Wipro will say that employee is terminated due to performance issue and this will block all future employments”
  4. HR will keep other reports of employee handy during this discussion. For example, if employee’s TOFA (Time on floor analysis which is the average time spent by employee in the development centre) is less than 8 hours, they mention that TOFA is less and they will terminate the employee based on compliance issue. If employee had not cleared any assignment in the past 1-2 years, then they will quote those instances as non-performance.
  5. They advise that if the employee submit resignation in the system immediately, they will get relieving letter, experience letter, for future employer’s verification request, Wipro will inform that employee resigned for his/her future growth. HR also mention that employees will get 2 month salary if they submit resignation. They also mention that there is no need for employee to come to office if they submit resignation and they can use this time to search jobs. They also suggest to seek help for external agency which Wipro has appointed to get new jobs and mentioned that these external agency will get you more interviews.
  6. Some ‘good’ HRs are also telling that they have many HR friends in other companies and they will circulate the resume of so-called non-performing employee to their HR friends in other companies.
  7. Wipro

    Wipro has a target to remove all the group of people by Jun 30th

    At the end of this discussion, nearly 90% of the employees agree to submit the resignation. HR provides a laptop or desktop to the employee immediately and ask them to resign. The whole discussion and resignation happens in less than 30 minutes time for most of the employees.

  8. After awareness created by groups formed by affected employees, many employees started recording conversation and some of the discussions so recorded are already available in You tube. Now, HR ensures that all discussions happen in HR bays. They also make employees switch off the mobile. They even check if mobile is on or if any recording option is  available with the employee.
  9. Wipro has a target to remove all the group of targeted people by Jun 30th. So even if employee was called for discussion on Jun 15th, their end date in the system is marked as Jun 30th. HR committed to employees that they will get remaining notice period salary as part of their settlement. There is no formal written communication to anyone and this can be cross checked only after employee moved out.
  10. If after submitting resignation, employee raises request to revoke resignation, such request is not considered.
  11. Only a few employees who were forced to resign, submitted form 2A in labour department. But there is no case of resignation revoke happened for any one who submitted resignation.
  12. If rough estimate of 3000 employees are targeted for this layoff, it is expected that atleast 2750 employees submitted their resignation and their end date is marked as Jun 30th. So by now, all these employees would have been out of Wipro.

What is in store for employees who did not submit their resignation. As I mentioned, roughly 250 people are part of this group.

1)  These people resist to submit resignation on their own. They are getting calls on regular basis to resign from HR.

2)  These people form group among themselves and create awareness that one should not resign.

3)      These people join various labour unions like NDLF or FITE.

4)      HRs are adding more threats in their disucssions. Some of the threats are:

  1. If the employee is in bench for more than 1 month, compliance team will stop the salary.
  2. Employees are threatened that if they did not resign, they will not be allowed to go out of the room.
  3. Employees are threatened that HR will call security and collect the ID card immediately and make you vacate the premises on the basis of termination.
  4. HRs showcase new threats every time when people are having calls.
  5. They threaten that if the employee is not submitting resignation, they (HR) will submit resignation in the back end.

5) In Bangalore one of the employee’s resignation was submitted in the backend. When employee approached the labour department, resignation is revoked and explanation is given that it [the resignation] was done by mistake. This is the only resignation revoke request as far as I know. People might think that we are exaggerating things, but all these are happening

6) There is no termination happened so far against any of the employee who did not submit resignation.

I have not submitted my resignation and I am in free pool still continuing my fight. I am not sure how long I can succeed. But I believe it is worth to mention few things which I come across in the last 2 months:

1) Termination in performance ground is not possible. Company can only retrench people.

2) Company has to retrench newly joined employees first and not senior people. If they recruit at a later stage, preference should be given to people who are retrenched.

3)  Company has to pay severance package of 15 days for every years of employee service. For example, if employee worked for 10 years, he/she needs to get 5 months of severance pay in addition to 2 months notice.

4) If employee submits resignation on his/her own, it is considered as normal attrition and company is not required to follow any process as above. That’s the reason, company is asking employees to resign on their own

Awareness is created among many employees and unions like NDLF are really helping in this regard. But people resisting now is less than 5% but I believe this awareness will become real strength if all employee resist to submit self-resignation in the future.

– Senior Wipro Employee (still fighting on)

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