Women’s struggle- Kitchens to Workplace (IT companies)

Generally in our society when a woman wants to go for work, she should be ready to face difficulties in both the ways either physically and mentally. Her mindset should be ready to accept all challenges.

Now many women/girls above 21 years come for work.

In earlier generations, people thought negatively about women going to work. People at home itself thought that my daughter/ sister is not listening to elders/parents words. She is adamant, aggressive and that woman’s character is not good. To add to this this neighbors also add more fuel into the fire saying. “Don’t send woman/girl to outside job. If they go for job they won’t listen to us and working women don’t respect us.” These are the different rewards we will get from home as well as from neighbors.

But now current generation break that thought. Now many women/girls above 21 years come for work. We can see females work as Scientist, Collector, IPS, Police, Doctor, IT company, Teacher, Artists, film makers, Conductor, female at petrol station auto /Cab drivers etc. I agree we did a very big achievement when compared to earlier generation, but still we struggle in our life in day to day activities. Why? Reasons are lack of support from family, dependency and society. How we can fill this gap? That is what I am investigating and my understanding about life style/ struggles are briefed here.

A successful married life means, both partner should have these 5 best qualities Emotions under control, Maintain self respect as well as respect to each other feelings and views, Compromising, listening & working in day-to day activities; otherwise this will lead to divorce/break-up. Apart from all we need money to maintain all the above mentioned 5 qualities.

At middle class level, running a family with no debt, luxurious life style, maintain social status and finally money is the root cause for a women to come for work. Since we don’t have sufficient money to survive in society, women come to work.

Let’s discuss more about women working in IT companies:

Now-a-days, most of IT companies do the recruitment in the name of campus recruitment. For campus recruiter salary package is minimal. As a corporate perspective it is a cost cutting. But as a fresh new joiner it’s lump sum package for employee.

A female above 20 to 25 years surviving in IT sector is easy, when compared after 25+years. When they join organization technology, work culture , workplace everything is new for them. To gain work experience and to raise voice it will take minimum 5 to 6 years in organization. Moreover other struggles for this age group if they go late evening they are answerable for their families and parents will not allow to work late evening\late night work. Also, it will take 5 years to get know IT tactics.

However, many male employees will give helping hand and some people will do work including coding/ testing everything on behalf of the girl. Freshers no need to worry at all, if that girl asks 1 doubt immediately many, minimum 6 male employees, will come to desk try to speak in the name of help. Reason here infatuation/Age matters here.

When a woman who is above (26 -30 years) at one stage if they settle down after marriage. Real struggle starts here. She need to perform different roles employee role, parent/mother role, care taker role, wife role etc. There is no words to describe their struggles. How to overcome these obstacles. Ofcourse Husband, Parent, Family members, Friends, Society need to give full support.

In IT companies nowadays, many women are reluctant to get married, to give baby birth, the reason is if they ask for leave means company will give permanent leave. By thinking this many girls are not marrying. Some married girls not showing up as married they feel it will downgrade their career.

Female entering to step in the name of marriage /family bondage, is it career downgrade? I strongly oppose this view. Women strength/weakness is women itself. Their confidence level comes down after marriage due to dependency in decision making.

During Pregnancy female struggles:

Their situation is very bad, If female takes leaves during pregnancy due to sickness then she will be marked as unfit, taking more leaves. Manger will not allow to take leaves. This situation makes her to avoid taking leave and she is indirectly forced to come for work till her delivery date.

Female goes on Maternity Leave:

A female takes leave pre/post leaves means nobody will give project. Reason Manager will say you will be going on maternity leave I cannot allocate in my project, it affects my project deliverables. If women comes back after maternity leave means Manager will say you have taken long leave not sure whether you able to balance your work and moreover this project executes in shift basis not sure whether you will be able to work on shifts.

Female joining after Maternity Leave:

In case if women accepts all challenges and continued for job means in the next appraisal manager will say “First you prove yourself in the team. I appreciate your work, sincerity and loyalty but still you need to prove your leadership” this is the answer we as female employee gets from our superiors. It’s very hard to prove after coming back from maternity leave. I experienced, this is something equivalent to starting to our career from the beginning. Woman after marriage nobody will help and we will not get any helping hand from anyone.

By chance, if female proved that she is best team player means next we hear gossip from other male employees. Stating she is woman, she impressed manager that’s why she got. This is reward we will get.

By facing all the situations if she continues to come for work by overcoming all difficulties then as organization perspective, she is marked as low performer and we will be given low rating in appraisals, and we need to face other challenges like Blacklisting for project allocation, profile mask, transfer etc and now newly added TOF (Time on Floor).

Finally women are not able to succeed or achieve anything in their lifetime either in workplace or at Home. We talk about equal rights for women but still not implementing it anywhere

NDLF IT Employees Wing

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    • Kasirajan on January 17, 2019 at 10:30 pm
    • Reply

    Clear view from Women’s perspective…

    Hi Vasuki and Poongodi,

    Few points added from my end.
    Please feel to reject as per your own convenience since it is your article

    On day to today basis , Every women is spending 3 hours for her family.
    1) 2 hours for cooking
    2) 1 hour for Travel,childcare and Old age care
    3) Washing,Cleaning,Planning or Maintenance work

    Which means every women is spending 1000 hours per year which is 5 months official work hours added to 12 months work.

    Every working women is doing
    1) 1600 hours project work
    2) 1000 hours Household activities

    Government failure to implement Sec 48 of factories act makes women life hectic after childbirth .

    Central Government Act
    Section 48 in The Factories Act, 1948
    48. Creches.—
    (1) In every factory wherein more than 1[thirty women workers] are ordinarily employed there shall be provided and maintained a suitable room or rooms for the use of children under the age of six years of such women.
    (2) Such rooms shall provide adequate accommodation, shall be adequately lighted and ventilated, shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be under the charge of women trained in the care of children and infants.
    (3) The State Government may make rules—
    (a) prescribing the location and the standards in respect of construction, accommodation, furniture and other equipment of rooms to be provided under this section;
    (b) requiring the provision in factories to which this section applies of additional facilities for the care of children belonging to women workers, including suitable provision of facilities for washing and changing their clothing;
    (c) requiring the provision in any factory of free milk or refreshment or both for such children;
    (d) requiring that facilities shall be given in any factory for the mothers of such children to feed them at the necessary intervals.

    ~~~~~~Attention to Article needed
    There are few alpha females who are doing adjustments like cinema type couch costing with Top management and avoiding 1600 hours work in office but they get good perks,promotions and appraisal .
    Please note that appraisal is non transparent in nature.
    In fact, Working women are fighting against Alpha females exploitation in male chauvinistic world.

    Alpha females 1% have general tendency to do Smoking,drinking,Hangouts,half naked dresscodes, Nightouts and lobbying for Project proposals outside office hours.
    Innocent Female -99% have life within their limits of House and office.

    Accenture molestation complaint
    Phaneesh murthy sexual assalt case in Infosys and Igate
    Google sexual harassment allegation
    Wipro Shreya utkil case
    Fidelity Kevin baker sexual allegation.
    Nirmala Devi case in University
    ~~~~~~Attention to Article needed

    Innocent Women cannot able to avoid marriage within age 30 and childbirth within age 35-40 but Alpha female can avoid marriage and childbirth for sake of getting immediate money without doing justified work.

    Innocent women has to unite in NDLF Union to fight against injustice by Corporate 1% Alpha males and 1% Alpha females against 99% Innocent female community .

    • Raj on January 19, 2019 at 12:31 pm
    • Reply

    A wonderful article which is the reality and day to day challenges faced by women in this modern world.
    I am damn sure anyone who reads this article will imagine either colleagues, friends who have witnessed this situation.
    The problems have been discussed but the solution or to overcome this problem.
    The women employees have to organize and speak up!!
    United we stand.. divided we fall.

    “I measure the progress of the community by the degree of the progress women have achieved” – Ambedkar.

    As the above saying goes, for this to happen, its responsibility of both men and women. Both hands together can only make noise

    • Arshina on February 23, 2019 at 11:25 am
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    All studies are really touching to my heart because this is the present scenario in IT firms. Though I am single but I am afraid of telling that I am getting married in this year just because of job insecurity.

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