World Source : Mandatory OT, Compulsory Work on May Day

On receiving complaints from employees of World Source, NDLF IT Employees Wing sent this message to the company. The company had not responded even after one month. We also reliably learnt that a few employees were made to resign forcibly in the second week of May.

We call upon Worldsource employees to come forward and take strong legal steps against continuous harassment and cruel exploitation by the company.

Date : April 30, 2018

[name withheld], HR assosciate,
WorldSource Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd,
Tecci Park, No. 173, Block A, 7th Floor, OMR,
Sholinganallur, Chennai 600119
Phone : +91-44 69000595

Dear Sirs,

Image for representation purpose only

Sub : Mandatory working on public holiday – International Workers Day (May 1, 2018) and other Employees grievances

  1. With Reference to our previous communication dated January 25, 2018 regarding mandatory working on Republic day, we understand that you have had not paid compensatory pay (3 times regular wage) and one day off for the employees who worked on January 26th 2018.
  2. We also came to know that your management, especially Mr. [name withheld] is compelling employees to work outside regular working hours in the name of “Mandatory OT”. We should like to point out that overtime can not be mandatory, but optionals to the employees.
  3. We also received more grievances from your employees that even after the so called “Zero count days”, they are compelled to compensate the rest of hours. It is the duty of management to provide work during working hours, having failed that management can not force employees to work beyond working hours in the name of “compensatory hours”.
  4. We also received reliable information that, your management has decided and made On May 1st as compulsory working day. This international workers day is being observed as holiday over 80 countries around the world. This day is also a mandatory holiday, listed by Govt. of Tamil Nadu. Ultimately this day has to be announced by your management as a holiday to recognize and respect your employees work.

We urge you adhere to the laws of the land and revoke your announcement, thereby allowing the employees to avail their rightful holiday.

On behalf of our union members, we request you to cease the above unfair labour practices with immediate effect. If the practices continue, we will approach the labour department with a grievance petition.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this mail so we can be certain that necessary action would be taken as requested above.

Note: A hard copy of this letter is also mailed to you through registered post.

Thanking you,

NDLF IT Employees Wing.

Copies To
1. Commissioner of Labour, Chennai
2. Secretary, Department of Labour and Employment, Govt. of Tamil Nadu

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